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Tables of Contents, Proceedings

Volume number, Meeting year -- Volume title Pages Author(s)

v. 1, 1966 & 1967-- Handling Geoscience Data and Information
The National System for Storage and Retrieval of Geological Data in Canada  1-7 Burk, C. F., Jr.
Automatic Data Processing of Geological Literature by the United States Geological Survey  8-12 Clarke, James W.
The Information System on Micropaleontology  13-17 Cousminer, Harold L.
The University of Tulsa Information Retrieval System  18-26 Graves, Roy W.
Helander, Donald P.
Martinez, S. J.
Recent Developments in Geological Documentation and Bibliography  27-53 Harvey, Anthony P.
Consideration in Developing Storage and Retrieval Systems for Marine Geoscience Data  54-58 Weiss, Martin
v. 2, 1971 -- Toward the Development of a Geoscience Information System
Bibliographic Control and Thesauri 1-10 Keenan, Stella
Foreign Literature and Translations in Earth Science 11-52 Manheim, F. T.
A Library Network for the Geosciences 53-58 Olsen, Wallace C.
Inventory of Information Resources 59-68 Price, John F.
Toward the Development of a Geosciences Information System - Research in Progress 69-74 Riva, Joseph P.
Data Standardization in Geology 75-88 Robinson, S. C.
Geoscience Publication 89-102 Spilhaus, A. F., Jr.
v. 3, 1972 -- no volume title
Resource and Land Information (RALI) Program 1-8 Clarke, Frank
Another Product of Geo-Ref: the Bibliography and Index of Micropaleontology 9-16 Cousminer, Harold L.
Golden, Julia
Aspects of Unbiased and Biased Contouring of Geological Data by Human and Machine Operators 17-35 Dahlberg, E. C.
Computer Based  Geologic Information Systems for Mining 36-41 Junemann, Paul M.
Geo-Ref, A Report and Forecast 42-44 Lloyd, Joel J.
Computerized Literature Searching in Geology 45-56 Schuenemeyer, John H.
Koch, George S., Jr.
Development and Initial Use of Computer-Based Geoscience Information Files at Marathon Oil Company 57-64 Sturdivant, Clarence A.
Miyahara, Betty J.
Boyle, Stephen O.
v. 4, 1973 -- Geoscience Information
UNISRCH: A Computerized Information Retrieval System 2-6 Orosz, Barbara J.
The Sea Grant Program and Information Sources 7-12 Miloy, Leatha
The Utilization of a Generalized Data Management System for Storage and Retrieval of Geological Sample Information 13-26 Turner, Philip
Indexing from an Indexer's View 27-35 Salahi, Dirgham
Geo-Ref--The User's View 36-48 Bichteler, Julie H.
Geowriting--A Guide to Writing, Editing, and Printing in Earth Science 49-53 Cochran, Wendell
Fenner, Peter
Hill, Mary
Environmental Geology:  A Selected Bibliography 55-74 Hall, Vivian
Geoscience Document Distribution in Canada 75-83 Sutherland, Doreen M.
LaHam, Mary T.
The Technology Application Center as an Information Source for the Geoscience/Natural Resource Community [abstract] 84 Inglis, Micheal
Aerial Photography, Uses, Users, and Where to Find It 85-90 Hopkins, Don L.
EROS Data Center:  A New Source of Earth Science Information [abstract] 91 Fary, Raymond W., Jr.
U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Reports [abstract] 92 Becraft, George E.
Dissipation of Babel--Obtaining Federal Information [abstract] 93 Clifton, Joe Ann
v. 5, 1974 -- Geoscience Information
Uses of CRIB--A GIPSY Formatted Mineral Resources Data File 1-42 Clakins, James A.
Deiter, Linda E.
U. S. Geological Survey State Hydrologic Unit Maps 43-53 Seaber, Paul R.
Kapinos, F. Paul
Shanton, John A.
Information Retrieval Program for the Water Resources Scientific Information Center 54-62 Jensen, Raymond
OASIS, A "One-Stop" Information Service 63-70 Stear, James R.
LUNAR Data and Where It's At 71-75 Heiker, Jody H.
Waranius, Frances B.
Use of Interactive Computer Graphics for Oil and Gas Exploration 76-88 Alderman, Willis H.
U. S. Department of the Interior-Energy Data Files 89-95 Meyer, Richard F.
v. 6, 1975 -- Retrieval of Geoscience Information
Data Tagging in Information-Accessing Services Containing Energy-Related Data 2-14 Tate, Fred A.
Zaye, David F.
Considerations for the Design of a National Information Center for Renewable Energy Sources 15-28 Thorpe, R. W.
Kuipers, J. W.
Experimental Design of Information Systems for Crises Management 29-35 Sherrod, John
Penniman, W. David
Development of a Geothermal Thesaurus 36-43 Herr, Jessie J.
Technical Information Programs of the Federal Energy Administration 44-51 Albert, T. M.
National Geothermal Information Resource 52-69 Phillips, S. L.
Fair, J. A.
Henderson, F. B.
Trippe, T. G.
Data Base for Surface Mining and Land Reclamation 70-76 MacDonald, Ronald R.
The ERDA Technical Information Program 77-85 Alexander, Carol G.
Teaching Library and Literature Search Strategy to Geology Students 87-98 Parker, Diane C.
Water Resources Literature Cited in Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Publications, 1964-1973 99-122 Zuck, Gregory J.
Walker, Richard D.
GeoRef Developments 123-135 Mulvihill, John G.
The Awareness of Relevant Water Resources Literature 136-158 Walker, Richard D.
Environmental Policy Making and Information 159-171 Dosa, Marta L.
A Comparison of Journal Articles in Environmental and Laboratory Science 172-182 Durrance, Raymond E.
The MINT System:  A Scheme for Organizing a Small Map Collection 183-192 Pruett, Nancy J.
7, 1976 -- Geoscience Information
Publications of the International Union of Geological Sciences:  Their Influence on U. S. Geoscientists 1-16 Bichteler, Julie
Operational and Economic Feasibility of an Automated Editorial Processing Center for Technical Journals 17-36 Whitby, Oliver W.
Development of Inventories of Energy Research and Development Information Resources 37-44 Kohn, Robert S.
Use of Earth Science Information by City and County Planning Agencies in the San Francisco Bay Region, California 45-55 Kockelman, William J.
A New Approach to Foreign Language Study for Geologists 56-63 Vitaliano, Dorothy B.
Using GeoRef Tapes as a Current Awareness in an Academic Setting 64-71 Walker, Richard D.
Petroleum Abstracts Information System 72-94 Graves, Roy W.
Bailey, John A.
The Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Nuclear Test Effects and Geologic Data Bank 95-114 Howard, Nancy W.
Organization of Lake Hydrology Data by Means of a Generalized Data-Base Management [abstract] 115 McBride, Mark
"GRASP"-A System for Interactive Manipulation of Geologic Data [abstract] 116 Botbal, Joseph Moses
Bowen, Roger W.
v. 8, 1977 -- Geoscience Information Retrieval Update
The North Dakota Regional Environmental Assessment Program (North Dakota REAP) 1-9 Scott, Mary W.
The National Water Data Exchange (NAWDEX) 10-14 Edwards, Melvin D.
An Evaluation of OASIS, NOAA's Oceanic and Atmospheric Scientific Information System 15-24 Freeman, Robert R.
Stear, James R.
Petroleum Data System - A Network of Energy Information 25-30 Tracy, Patricia A.
The National Data Referral System for Canadian Geoscience 31-41 Burk, Cornelius F., Jr.
GeoArchive:  Geosystems Indexing Policy 42-56 Lea, Graham
A Computer Aid to the Distribution of Geologic Publication 57-65 Graffenreid, Jo Anne De
Cable, Harold W.
The Use of Language Processor Concepts to Design and Implement Geographical Information Systems 66-79 Niemann, B. J., Jr.
Information Education in the Geosciences:  Anatomy of a Course 80-95 Kohut, Joseph J.
A Survey of the Holdings of a Sample of International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) Publications in Selected U.S. Geological Libraries 96-103 Walcott, Rosalind
v. 9, 1978 --Geoscience Information: Publication - Processing - Management
Selection of Manuscripts in the Geosciences 3-20 Neale, E. R. W.
Book Publishing in the Geosciences:  Problems and Prospects 21-32 Dowden, A. Milo
Goodman, Robert L.
Howell, G. D.
Journals:  A Publisher's View 33-38 Holoviak, Judy C.
Networked Data Bases--A View from the Middle 39-54 Penniman, David W.
The Geoscience Librarian's View of the Publishing Process 55-66 Walcott, Rosalind
Geoscience Publishing from the Geologist's View 67-69 Dewey, John
A Geological and Geotechnical Database for Urban Development 73-84 Fenton, Shirley L.
White, Owen L.
Manual Literature Searching in the Geosciences:  A Comparative User Convenience Study of International Indexes 85-96 Rowell, Unni Havem
Black Shale Bibliography and an Open-File Repository for Eastern Gas Shales Project Publications 97-102 Hall, Vivian S.
Status of Information Education for Geoscientists in the United States and Canada 103-110 Parker, Diane C.
Geological Map Acquisitions:  A Guide to the Literature 111-144 Diment, Judith A.
Collection Development in a Geology-Geophysical Research Collection 145-152 Pruett, Nancy Jones
Proposal to Establish International Federation of Geological Documentation Services 153-160 Burk, Cornelius F., Jr.
v. 10, 1979 -- Collection Development in Geoscience Libraries and Geoscience Information Review
Collection Development in Geoscience Libraries:  Monographs 3-16 Dvorzak, Marie
Collection Development in Geoscience Libraries:  Serials 17-34 Thurston, Nancy
Building a Collection of Government Documents Related to the Geosciences 35-48 White, Dorothy C.
Developing the Geologic Map Collection:  A Survey of Principles and Techniques 49-54 Smith, Martin A.
Technical Report Accession 55-72 Coniglio, Susan
Collection Development in Geoscience Libraries:  Guidebooks 73-82 Kidd, Claren
Geologic Reference Sources - A Decade of Progress? 85-94 Harvey, Anthony P.
A Study of the GeoRef Indexing Language:  Its Relationship to Natural Languages and its Performance as a Search Language 95-108 Rowell, Unni Havem
The Continental Drilling for Scientific Purposes Data Management Program 109-118 Howard, Nancy W.
The Encoding and Use of Ore Deposit Models in the Prospector Consultation Program 119-126 Duda, Richard O.
Hart, Peter E.
Einaudi, Marco T.
v. 11, 1980 -- Keeping Current with Geoscience Information
Keeping Informed Within the Minerals Exploration Community 3-10 Romberger, Samuel B.
Keeping Current in an Interdisciplinary Field:  Paleontology 11-22 Bambach, R. K.
Research and the Consulting Geologist 23-36 Micheal, E. D.
Information and Data Services of the U. S. Geological Survey's National Mapping Division 37-50 North, Gary W.
Keeping Current in the Geosciences:  Current Awareness Literature Searches 51-54 Lltton, Melissa
GeoRef Coverage and Improvements in the Bibliography and Index of Geology 55-64 Mulvihill, John G.
Use of the BIOSIS Data Base for Retrieval of Geology-Related Information 65-77 Crockett, Edith S.
Farren, Ann L.
A Directory of Information Resources in the United States:  Geosciences and Oceanography 81-88 Price, John F.
Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates:  Cooperative Venture for a Specialized Service 89-94 Bacskai, Judith A.
Shkurkin, George V.
Mulvihill, John G.
The Bureau  of Mines Map Repository:  Services and Activities 95-104 Heidlage, Robert
Retrieval of Tectonic Process Models from Geological Maps and Diagrams 105-112 Burns, Kerry L.
The Use of Journal Citations in Theses as a Collection Development Methodology 113-124 Crissinger, John D.
Using GeoRef, Geoarchive, SCI and SSIE in Undergraduate Teaching 125-170 Mclntyre, Donald B.
Geology Library Reference Training for Student Library Assistants 171-188 O’Donnell, Jim
Geoscience Information for Developing Countries:  A Forgotten Priority 189-200 Green, Julian W.
The Fairchild Collection of Historical Aerial Photographs 201-211 Rhodes, Dallas D.
v. 12, 1981 -- The Future of the Journal
The Dilemma of Maintaining Holdings in a Small College Geology Library [abstract] 3 Beutner, Edward A.
Serial Management in a Large Geology Library 4-9 Brown, Regina A.
Costs of Journals, Library Networks, Interlibrary Loan, and Copyright 10-25 Eaglesfield, Jean T.
Journal Publishing in the Geo-Sciences:  Remarks from a Commercial Publisher 26-41 Goodman, Rober L.
New Formats for Geoscience Journals 42-56 Bichteler, Julie
A Serials Review Program Based on Journal Use in a Department Geology Library 59-75 Sheaves, Miriam Lyness
Development of a Library and Information System for the Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage Program [abstract] 76 Prater, Leigh S.
Omnisaurus:  A Multilevel Indexing System for Natural Resource Data 77-85 Gotto, Anthea
Lea, Graham
Geoscience Information for Development Countries:  Books as a Beginning 86-93 Green, Julian W.
Coordinated Computer Management of Ocean Data [abstract] 97  
v. 13, 1982 -- Geologic Hazards Data
Geologic Hazards Data:  Sources, Uses, and Abuses 3-14 Shearer, Clement F.
Databases That Support Investigations of Geological Hazards 15-22 Hittelman, Allen M.
Hake, Carl von
Gardipe, C. Metcalf
The National Earthquake Information Service [abstract] 23 Person, Waverly J.
Flood Information from the U.S. Geological Survey 24-48 Jennings, Marshall E.
Sources of Information on Hazardous Wastes 49-64 Rawles, Beverly A.
Geologic and Other Hazards in the GeoRef System 1982 67-77 Rassam, G. N.
Computer Storage of Paleontologic Data 78-88 Musich, Lillian F.
Freelander, Nancy A.
National Water Well Association's Ground Water Library Is Now As Close As Your Telephone 89-95 Lehr, Jay H.
Orr, Valerie J.
Coastal Information Systems [abstract] 96 May, S. Kimball
Dolan, Robert
Hayden, Bruce P.
Automated Map Indexing 97-106 Fulton, Patricia A.
A Computer Approach to Organization of a Medium-Sized Map Collection in an Academic Library 107-120 Roach, Margaret A.
Carr, Dorothy
Meyer, Kent L.
Sandmann, Laura A.
Rate of Growth of the Literature of Chemical Geology, 1946-1980, and a Peep into the Future 121-129 Fleischer, Michael
Preparation of a State Bibliography of Geology 130-135 Smyth, Pauline
Geologic Maps in Books and Serials:  A Hidden Preservation Problem 136-143 Klimley, Susan
Catalog of Geological Publications Printed Before 1850 Held in the Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [abstract] 146 Wallace, Harriet E.
Ward, Dederick C.
v. 14, 1983 -- Roles and Responsibilities in Geoscience Information
Database Ethics:  Decision-Making Constraints in an Environment of Change 5-16 Rassam, G. N.
The U. S. Geological Survey Library and the User Community:  A Past and Future View 17-36 Chappell, Barbara A.
Goodwin, George H., Jr.
The Future of Information Retrieval in the Earth Sciences:  From Bibliographism to Encyclopedism 37-62 Garfield, Eugene
Information Services in Mineral Exploration 63-86 Laughlin, Jim
User Education in Geoscience:  Problems and Prospects 87-104 Bichteler, Julie
Using Online Bibliographic Files for Teaching and Learning [abstract] 105 Mclntyre, Donald B.
Megatrends in Geoscience Information:  Traditional Versus Sophisticated Technology 109-128 Finkl, Charles W., Jr.
U. S. Geological Survey Geologic Inquiries Group 129-134 Withers, H. P.
Major, V. L.
Geoscience Information Resources at the Ontario Geological Survey 135-150 Thurston, Nancy
Groen, H. A.
Quebec's User-Oriented Geoscientific Compilation Map Program 151-161 Cockburn, George H.
Information Selectivity Applied to U. S. Geological Survey Geologic Map Indexes and the GEOINDEX  Data Base 163-176 Fuller, H. Kit
Computer Classification of Deep Sea Sediments 177-188 Musich, Lillian
The Continental Scientific Drilling Program Data Base--1983 189-206 Pawloski, Gayle A.
Howard, Nancy W.
Using RLIN to Locate Earth Science Information 207-218 Derksen, Charlotte R. M.
The GEONAMES Computer Lexicon of Geologic Names of the United States 219-230 Luttrell, Gwendolyn W.
A Survey of Major Library Collections in the Geosciences in the State of Victoria, Australia 231-242 Walcott, Rosalind
v. 15, 1984 -- Maps in the Geoscience Community
National Mapping Program Information Update 1-6 North, Gary W.
Maps:  Paydirt of the Geoscience Curriculum 7-14 O’Connor, James V.
Early Geoscience Mapping 1700-1830 15-50 Taylor, Kenneth L.
Preservation Options for Geology Serials Containing Maps 51-58 Klimley, Susan
Things to Consider When Microfilming Geologic Maps 59-64 Cruse, Larry
Map User Needs in Academic and Business Environments 65-71 Rudd, Janet K.
Alternate Sources of Funding Geoscience Collection Development 75-80 Spohn, Richard A.
Maps of Maps--Geologic Map Indexes by State Geoscience Agencies 81-90 Fuller, H. Kit
Evaluating the Geoscience Collection 91-108 Stark, Marilyn M.
An Investigation  of Preparation and Costs for a State Bibliography of Geology 109-124 Fracolli, Dena L.
Citation Overlap Among GEOARCHIVE, GEOREF, PASCAL, and Chemical Abstracts 125-135 Derksen, Charlotte R. M.
The Users Evaluate the GeoRef Database 139-164 Whitney, MaryAnn
Thompson, Susan
Stark, Marilyn
Somerville, Arleen
Sheaves, Miriam
Pearson, Barb
O’Donnell, Jim
Fracolli, Dena
Messick, Carol
How, Sarah
Pruett, Nancy Jones
Survey of Selected Geoscience Maps 165-176 Wise, Donald A.
Alluvial Valley Floor Amendment and Other Congressional Anecdotes 187-191 Agnew, Allen F.
GeoRef in an Academic Setting: Both Online Searching and Using the Printed Bibliography are Profitable 195-198 Ward, Dedrick C.
Search Aids for GeoRef 199-202 O’Donnell, Jim
Promotion, Education, and Accessing GeoRef 203-204 Scott, Mary W.
v. 16, 1985 -- Micros, Minis, and Geoscience Information
Use of Microcomputers in Earth Science Libraries 1-20 Ward, Dederick C.
Derksen, Charlotte R. M.
The Uses of Microcomputers in Selecting Diamond Terminology for Indexing Gemological Literature 21-28 Dirlam, Dona Mary
Use of Commercial Software for Building Local-Use Geoscience Information Data Files 29-38 Heiser, Lois
REF - a Multi-User Bibliographic Database Application for Geological Sciences 39-52 Meinert, Lawrence D.
GEOSCAN:  A Bibliographic Database of Canadian Geoscience Literature 53-66 Reade, David S.
Preparing a Bibliography on a Personal Computer:  The Washington Thesis Bibliography, 1901-1985 67-88 Manson, Connie J.
Micros and Mini Computers in Geoscience Libraries 89-104 Hall, Vivian S.
Evaluation of a Geoscience Library Collection 107-116 Stephens, Dennis
Triplehorn, Julia H.
Geoscience Indexing at Petroleum Abstracts 117-140 Finnegan, Mark A.
Improving Subject Access in Geoscience Library Catalogs 141-158 Eaglesfield, Jean T.
Mulvihill, John G.
Professional Publishing as a Source of Geoscience Information 159-166 Stark, Marilyn M.
Obtaining Financial Support from Industry for a State-Supported Geoscience/Mining Library:  Mines Library's Small Scale Fund-Raising Efforts 167-176 Ansari, Mary B.
v. 17, 1986 -- The User and Geoscience Information
Perceptions From Beyond the Stacks:  A User View of the Geoscience Library 3-9 Laffoon, Carolyn J.
Melhorn, Dr. Wilton N.
In Search of the Perfect Library 10-14 Perlman, Vicky A.
Drawing Users and Services into Focus:  Public Relations and Marketing in Earth Science Libraries 15-20 Trombatore, Dennis R.
Geoscience Information in Kansas:  Collection, Management, and the User 21-26 Sorensen, Janice H.
Incorporating Earth Science Information Into the Public Policy Process 27-44 Garbini, Susan
End User Database Searching in Geoscience 45-53 Bichteler, Julie
Geoscience Information:  User Needs and Library Organization 54-61 Lewis, Allison M.
Effects of a New Computer System on the Editorial Process at a State Geological Survey 63-68 Roberts, Michael P.
Masterson, Amanda R.
Taking the Next Step:  Directions and Requirements for Cooperative Collection Development Among Academic Geology Libraries 69-76 Klimley, Susan
Finding Geoscience Information in the Chemical Abstracts Service Database 77-95 Stepp, Dena F.
Callihan, John C.
Geologic Information on Alaska 96-102 Triplehorn, Julia H.
v. 18, 1987 -- Collections for the Future
Archival Documentation of the History of Geoscience 7-18 Day, Deborah C.
For the Record:  Federal Geoscientists and the National Archives 19-26 Thibodeau, Sharon Gibbs
National Collection of Rocks and Ores 27-36 Melson, William G.
Extent and Limits at State Geological Surveys 37-42 Socolow, Arthur A.
Geoscience Project Documentation:  Archival Accessioning and Processing Procedures of U.S. Industrial Research Records 43-58 Sturdivant, Clarence A.
Geoscience Dissertations for the Future:  A Case Study from the United States 59-66 Walcott, Rosalind
What Has Millions of Pieces, Weighs Hundreds of Tons and Can't Take Care of Itself:  A Paleontology Collection 67-80 Golden, Julia
Center for the History of Geology 81-86 Friedman, Gerald M.
Thesaurus Problems and Solutions:  The Language of Geology Develops Steadily 89-94 Tahirkheli, Sharon N.
The National Geologic Mapping Program:  A Revitalization of Geologic Mapping in the United States 95-102 Matti, Jonathan C.
Sargent, K. A.
Comparison of Library Collections in Geology:  A Model Based on the Pacific Northwest Conspectus 103-118 Triplehorn, Julia
Stephens, Dennis
Putting Reference Lists in their Place:  Macintosh Software for Managing Bibliographic Data 119-126 Klimley, Susan
Information Seeking Behavior of Geoscientists [abstract] 127 Ward, Dederick
Bichteler, Julie
The Proliferation of Geological Societies and their Impact on the Geological Information Explosion 129-158 Stoffer, Phil W.
v. 19, 1988 -- Individual Workstations: Information Supermarkets for Geoscientists
PCs and Computer Workstations:  Tools for the Geologist [abstract] 5 McIntyre, Donald B.
GIS Workstations, Numerical Databases and the Consulting Geologist:  Facts and Fiction 7-20 Krajewski, Stephen A.
GeoRef Can Enhance Research Capability in the Geologist Workstation Environment 21-24 Mulvihill, John G.
Hambleton, William W.
The Academic Workstation 25-48 Butler, John C.
Components of a Petroleum Explorationist's Future Worksystem Environment  [abstract] 49 Yarka, Paul
Digital Data for Interdisciplinary Use on Workstations:  A New Opportunity for Scientists and Information Managers 51-56 Hastings, David A.
Integration-An Essential Ingredient in a Geologic Workstation 57-78 Mathews, Geoffrey
Cubitt, John M.
Using Workstations to Develop Digital Models of the Earth's Crust Along a Transect Through the Northern Appalachians 79-88 Liberty, Lee M.
Unger, John D.
Polar Earth Science Collection at Scott Polar Research Institute Library 91-106 Triplehorn, Julia H.
Library and Archives:  Working Together to Benefit Scientists 107-112 Sorenson, Janice
Field Trip Guidebooks Need Not Be Gray Literature 113-122 Corbett, Robert G.
The Use of Government Documents by Geologists as Cited in the Geologic Literature and From a Circulation Study in a Branch Library 123-139 Haner, Barbara E.
The Quality of Published Geoscience Information:  Problems and Perspectives from the Geologist's Viewpoint 141-146 Bichteler, Julie
Searching the GeoRef Database on STN International 147-167 Stepp, Dana F.
Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Merging Qualitative and Quantitative Geological Data Bases 169-175 Tabesh, Elahe
BFILE:  Case History of an Exploration Project Database 177-190 Corwin, Bert N.
Burstall, F. Colin
Chevron's Production Workstation 191-200 Bloom, J.R.
Color Photocopying to Reproduce /Preserve Geologic Maps in Literature 205-208 Newman, Linda P.
MINCAT:  A Mineral Formula Database Program for Use on IBM Compatible Personal Computers [abstract]    209 Simmons, William B.
Falster, Alexander U.
v. 20, 1989 -- Frontiers in Geoscience Information
CD-ROM and Floppy-Disk Databases for the Earth Sciences 5-33 O’Donnell, Jim
Derksen, Charlotte R.M.
Georeferenced Information Network 35-45 Carver, Larry
Mapping System Technology for Tomorrow's Geoscience Library 47-60 Light, Donald L.
Government Data Dissemination on CD-ROM [abstract]    61 McFaul, E.J.
Cooperative Collection Development and Preservation Projects in the Geosciences 63-74 DeFelice, Barbara
Access to Geoscience Information in Online Catalogs 75-86 Banholzer, Gordon S., Jr.
The Geoscience Journal - Its Role, Past, Present, and Future 87-95 Walker, Richard D.
Geoscience Libraries of the Future: Predictions for the Next Decade 97-106 Bichteler, Julie
A Locally-Developed Database of Geoscience Dissertations and Theses 109-121 Doty, Philip
Managing Bibliographic References on a Macintosh: New Options 123-131 Klimley, Susan
Potential Impacts of New Three-Dimensional Geoscientific Information Systems on Future Geological Mapping and Modeling Activities [abstract] 133 Turner, A.K.
Kolm, K.E.
Digital Preservation of Yellow Snow 135-139 Heiser, Lois
An Alternative to Ownership of Scientific Journals in University Research Library Collections 141-156 Zipp, Louise S.
Kjaer, Kathryn
Information Sources in Remote Sensing  [abstract ] 157 Triplehorn, Julia H.
Guidebook Citation Patterns in the Geologic Journal Literature: A Comparison between 1985 and 1967 159169 Haner, Barbara E.
Striving for Excellence: Purdue University's Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Library 173-176 Laffoon, Carolyn J.
Melhorn, Wilton N.
Richardson, Graham T.
Space Planning for a Small Library: Remodeling Considerations 177-182 Larsen, Suzanne T.
Guidebook Problems from the Librarian's Point of View 185-192 Walcott, Rosaland
History and Organization of the New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference 193-198 Caldwell, D.W.
Publishers' Decisions in the Field Trip Guidebook Business 199-203 Holoviak, Judy C.
Ingredients of a Great Geologic Field Trip 205-208 Johnson, Kenneth S.
Johnson, Dorothea J.
Preparing a Kenyan Field Guide 209-212 Stout, Dorothy L.
v. 21, 1990 -- Geological Societies and Information Transfer in the Electronic Age
Geological Societies: Reflections on Current Membership, Services, and Publishing Patterns 5-17 Spohn, Richard A.
Stoffer, Phil W.
Societies' Impact on the Earth Sciences: Three Hundred Years of Communication 19-22 Brown, Regina
Fax, E-Mail, Diskettes, Softstrip, and CD ROMs...Our Communication Revolution? 23-33 Merriam, Daniel F.
Approach to the High Cost of Digitization [abstract] 35 Howell, Gary D.
The Electronic GSA 37-39 Arvidson, Raymond E.
The Value of Serials: Relevance to Producers and Consumers of Scientific Journals 41-53 Ribbe, Paul H.
Society Publishing at the Millennium 55-65 Spilhaus,  A. F., Jr.
Holoviak, Judy C.
Approval Plans 69-77 Eaglesfield, Jean
Hidden Assets of Controlled Vocabulary When Free-Text Searching the TULSA File of Petroleum Abstracts 79-98 Finnegan, Mark A.
Discussion of the Use of Foreign Language Sources in Geological Journals 99-109 Butkovich, Nancy J.
The Case for Desktop Publishing 111-118 Corbett, Robert G.
Manner, Barbara M.
An Evaluation of a Free, Online Searching Program in a University Geology Library: Who is Using It, What Does It Cost, and Is It Worth It 119-126 Larsen, Suzanne T.
Geologic Information on Polar Regions Available on Compact Discs 127-135 Triplehorn, Julia H.
Method for Evaluating Preservation Needs of Oversized Illustrations in Geology Theses 137-146 Scott, Sally J.

Preservation of Geoscience Library Collections: Current Conditions and Future Trends 147-155 Wick, Constance S.
Color Representation of Data in Geology [abstract] 159 Klimley, Susan
Named Awards in the Geosciences: A Biographical Directory 161-168 Scott, Mary W.
Referencing and Archiving Digitally Produced Maps at the Kansas Geological Survey 169-171 Sorensen, Janice H.
Planning, Implementation and Benefits of Merging the Geology and Physics Libraries into a Combined Renovated Facility at the University of Cincinnati 173-183 Wells, Marianna S.
Spohn, Richard A.
Early Efforts Leading to the Founding of the Geoscience Information Society 187-193 McAfee, Robert
Meeting the Challenge 195-202 Kidd, Claren M.
v. 22, 1991 -- International Initiatives In Geoscience Information:  A Global Perspective
Global Exchange of Ideas and Technologies in the Field of Geoscience Information:  the Role of International Meetings      1 Reade, David S.
Amoco’s Map Collection:  Supporting Global Research and Exploration 3-6 Johanson, Priscilla P.
Coordinating Collection of Foreign Geological Survey and Society Publications in Geology Libraries:  the RLGeo Experiment 7-13 Klimley, Susan
The World of Geosciences Serials:  Comparative Use Patterns 15-62 Derksen, Charlotte R.M.
Noga, Michael M.
International Exchanges of Publications:  The U.S. Geological Survey Library System’s Perspective 63-73 Regan, C. Lee

Schemes for Redistributing Geological Literature 75-87 Kidd, Claren M.
International Data Exchanges Through the World Data Centers:  Some New Experiments in Data Management 89-95 Ruttenberg, Stanley
Information Transfer Across Political Boundaries 97-115 Green, Julian W.
Career Expectations of Geoscience and Engineering Branch Libraries 119-133 Willis, Glee
Ansari, Mary B.
A Study of the Characteristics of the International Conferences of Geoscience Information 135-138 Walker, Richard D.
The Geologic Remote Sensing Field Experiment:  The Archive and its Use 139-149 Dale-Bannister, Mary A.
Arvidson, Raymond
Guinness,  Edward A.
Slavney, Susan H.
Stein, Thomas C.
Arctic Data Interactive:  An Electronic Science Journal 151 Wiltshire, Denise A.
Molnia, Bruce
Patents as a Geoscience Information Source and their Retrieval Using the CASSIS CD-ROM System 

153-163 Kawula, John D.
Use of the Proceedings of International Conferences and Symposia in Geology as Determined by Citation Analysis:  A Preliminary Report 165-173 Payne, Kathryn
Merriam, Daniel F.
Types and Uses of Geologic Literature:  A Statistical Analysis of 100 Years of Citations on the Geology of Washington State 175-193 Manson, Connie J.
Bibliographic CD-ROMS in an Earth Sciences Setting:  A User Study 195-200 Larsen, Suzanne T.
Andrews, Martha
Geoscientists’ Access to Publications of State Geological Surveys 201-207 Bichteler, Julie H.
v. 23, 1992 -- Preserving Geoscience Imagery
Digital Imagery:  Here Today, But What About Tomorrow? 1-4 Scott, Mary W.
Image-Related Aspects of Preserving High-Use Geoscience Literature by Deacidification 5-9 Wick, Connie S.
Preservation and Usage of Geoscience Imagery in the U.S. Geological Survey Field Records and Photographic Libraries, 1879 to Date    11 Hopkins, Isabella
Edwards, Carol
MacDonald, Chloe
McGregor, Joseph
Practical Procedures for Preserving Photographic Potpourri 13-21 Clancy, Elizabeth H.
The Calvin Photographic Collection:  An Undeveloped Resource 23-29 Golden, Julia
Effective Image Management:  Exploring the Possibilities Offered by Laser Disc and Electronic Imaging 31-32 Myers, Richard
Our Agricultural Landscape:  Improving Image Preservation and End-User Image Access Through Laser Disc Technology 33-38 Fusonie, Alan
Young, Ronald
Electronic Imaging in a Comprehensive Program of Photographic Preservation 39-40 Wallace, Jim
Bibliography of Kansas Geology 43-52 Sorensen, Janice
Deputy, Jim
A Primer on Electronic Journals 53-56 Parker, Kimberly J.
Impact of Geoscience Specialist Journals:  A Study in Use Patterns 57-63 Payne, Kathryn
Merriam, Daniel F.
Use of a Citation Index to Quantify the Influence of Earth Science Researchers on the Work of Others 65-68 Blair, Nancy L.
Publication Opportunities for Geoscience Information Professionals 69-75 Ansari, Mary B.
Coverage of Geoscience Information Society Literature in Library and Information Science Sources 77-88 Musser, Linda R.
Investigation of Overlap in Geological Information Between GeoRef and NTIS 89-92 Clement, Elaine
Butkovich, Nancy J.
A Comparative Analysis of Information Retrieval on Trace Fossils from CD-ROM and Online Bibliographic Databases 93-101 Haner, Barbara E.
Redistribution of Geoscience Literature:  A Survey 105-114 Kidd, Claren M.
Production of a Prototype CD-ROM at the Geological Survey of Canada 115-118 Reade, David S.
Inexpensive Map and Thesis Cataloging for the Small Geology Library:  A Case Study of the Perils of Pauline on a PC 119-124 Baclawski, Diane K.
Application of Paper Preservation Techniques by the U.S. Geological Survey Field Record and Photographic Libraries 125-126 MacDonald, Choe Gregg
McGregor, Joseph K.
v. 24, 1993 -- Finding and Communicating Geoscience Information
Geoscience Information and Libraries:  the New Paradigm 1-9 Hiller, Steven Z.
Journal Publishing and the (Electronic) Future:  Expectations, Challenges and Reality 11-19 Kerkhof, Berlinda M.
Geoscience Publications in the 1990’s:  the Editors’ View

21 Costa, John E.
Sylvester, Arthur G.
Limitations of Science Citation Index Data in Evaluating Journals and Scientists in Geology 23-31 Klimley, Susan
CIENSIN:  Information Resources for Global Change 33-38 Yocum, Patricia B.
Layer Upon Layer:  Mystery Upon Mystery 39-43 Cobb, David A.
Communicating with Congress:  The Interface Between Geoscience and Public Policy 45-48 Schiffries, Craig M.
The Internet, Electronic Media and Changes in Geoscience Information Provision 49-58 Dunn, Lisa G.
Characteristics of Geoscience Serial Use by Faculty and Students 61-97 Noga, Michael Mark
Derksen, Charlotte R.M.
Haner, Barbara E.
Assessment of the Seismology and Volcanology Collection, Geophysical Institute Library, University of Alaska Fairbanks 99-110 Anderson, James H.
Methods Used By Geoscientists to Access and Retrieve References Cited in their Journal Articles 111-115 Hallmark, Julie
The Mines Library Endowment, a Ten-Year Report 117-119 Newman, Linda
Visiting Committee Implementation, Arthur Lakes Library, Colorado School of Mines 121-124 Lerud, Joanne V.
Tracking Information Sources on Gold Mining 125-128 Triplehorn, Julia H.
The Role of Photographic Archives in the Earth Sciences 129-147 Campbell, Karen M.
Coverage of Environmental Geology Topics in Major Abstracting and Indexing Services:  A Citation Overlap Study of GEOREF, Water Resources Abstracts and Chemical Abstracts 149-159 DeFelice, Barbara
Taking It on the Road:  Teaching the Use of Electronic Bibliographic Databases in the Classroom 163-165 Larsen, Suzanne T.
Analysis of References Cited in U.S. Geological Survey Bulletins, Circulars, and Professional Papers 167-171 Butkovich, Nancy J.
Musser, Linda R.
Development of a Database of Geologic Resources and Critical Habitats of the South Carolina Continental Shelf 173-178 Donovan-Ealy, Patricia
Gayes, Paul T.
Nelson, Douglas
Need for a National Geologic Mapping Index Database 179-195 Blair, Nancy L.

Unique and Geologically Significant Resources on Federal Lands 197-204 Maley, Terry
v. 25, 1994 -- Changing Gateways: The Impact of Technology on Geoscience Information Exchange
What We Did/What We Do/What We’ll Do: Geoscience Information Centers in a Time of Change, 1970-2000 1-11 Derksen, Charlotte R.M.
O’Donnell, Jim
From Card Catalog to Computer File: The Impact of Technology on the Production of Polar Bibliography 13-19 Andrews, Martha
Development of Earthquake Information Data Bases by the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) 21-31 Park, Stephen K.
Lehmer, Eric
The National Performance Review: A Reinvention Laboratory at the U.S. Geological Survey.  The Future of Information and Product Distribution 33-37 Hassibe, Wendy R.
Publishing in a Digital World: The Past is the Key to the Future 39-44 Aaron, John M.
The Electronic Journal: New Headaches and Old 45-49 Holoviak, Judy C.
The Effects of Technology on the Information-Seeking Behavior of Scientists 51-56 Hallmark, Julie
Identifying Core Geologic Research Journals: A Model for Interlibrary Cooperative Collection and Development 59-65 Zipp, Louise S.
An Investigation into the Literature Used by the Water Resources Research Community 67-77 Walker, Richard D.
Ahn, Myeonghee L.
Improving Bibliographical Access to Published Geologic Mapping by Using Online Map Indexes 79-82 Blair, Nancy L.
Cooperative Geologic Research in Canyonlands National Park, Utah 83-88 Brown, J .L.
Dubiel, R. F.
Schiller R. J.
The Global Change Data and Information System (GCDIS): The Role of Libraries in Implementation and Development 89-91 Banholzer, Gordon S. Jr.
Access to Large Planetary Geoscience Databases 93-102 Guiness, Edward A.
Slavney, Susan
Stein, Thomas C.
Development and Use of GIS Publications in the Geosciences 103 Pattathanasi-Fenton, Kym
Hamilton, William L.
Information Sources to Help Earth Science Students Locate Employment Opportunities 105-108 Triplehorn, Julia H.
Scientifically Significant Geologic Features of the Upper Snake Ecosystem, Southern Idaho 111-117 Maley, Terry
Oberlinder, Peter
Inventory of Land Use Restraints Program (ILURP): Application of Geographic Information Systems in Mineral Assessment 119 Anderson, Neal B.
Ferderer, David A.
Roberts, Clark A.
Using a GIS to Monitor Sediment Resources in the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona 121-128 Kaplinski, Matt A.
Best, David M.
Hazel, Joseph E. Jr.
Wilkerson, Jeffrey S.
Manone, Mark
Dale, Alan R.
Dexter, Leland R.
Jacobs, Sherry
Mayes, Hilary B.
Protiva, Frank
Wright, Patrick J.
Claytons Library: Geoscience Information Society Professional Issues 131-134 Eva, Margaret
v. 26, 1995 -- Crossing the Bridge to the Future: Managing Geoscience Information in the Next Decade
The Geoscience Information Professional in the Brave New Information World 1-4 Lerund, Joanne
Digital Preservation: The Promise vs. the Reality 5-10 Klimley, Susan
Stocking the Digital Library with Georeferenced Data 11-18 Hill, Linda
GIS Information on the Super Highway (Internet) 19-30 Levine, Norman
Kumar, Navular
Engel, Bernard
Data for GIS: The Essential Ingredient 31-38 Roumani-Denn, Vivienne
Evaluating Web Sources for the Geoscientist 39-48 Dersken, Charlotte
O’Donnell, Jim
Return of the Spiderwoman, or Librarians Meet the Web 49-50 Musser, Linda
Internet (WWW) Home Page Design to Improve the Dissemination of Geoscience Information 51-56 Hallmark, Julie
Masterson, Amanda
White, Gerald
The Climate for Women in the Earth Sciences: Chilly or Warm? 57-58 Macfarland, Allison
Luzzader-Beach, Sheryl
Issues of Information Delivery in Geoscience Libraries 59 Clement, Elaine
Defining Geoscience Journal Value: the Role of Unbound Use 59 Carey, Patricia
Hiller, Steven
Proceedings Published in Geoscience Journals: Occurrence and Use 61-62 Noga, Michael
GEONAMES and GNULEX—Databases of the Stratigraphic Nomenclature of the United States 63-64 Starratt, Scott
LeCompte, J.R.
A System for Monitoring Shoreline Change With GIS: Sunken Meadow Spit, Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Cape Cod, Massachusetts 65 Wemmelmann, Eric
Wiegardt, Scott
v. 27, 1996 -- Expanding Boundaries: Geoscience Information For Earth System Science
Earth System Science: The Real Environmental Science 1-4 Musser, Linda
Interdisciplinary Use of Science Information by Geology Faculty and Graduate Students: Implications for Library Services 5-16 Scott, Sally
Addressing Opportunities and Challenges in Evaluation and Dissemination through Creation of a National Library for Undergraduate Science Education 17-22 Mogk, David
Zia, Lee
Building a Digital Library for Earth System Science: The Alexandria Project 23-26 Buttenfield, Barbara
Larsen, Suzanne
Providing Access to Earth-Sciences Spatial Data: Metadata and the Alexandria Digital Library 27-30 Larsgaard, Mary Lynette
The Dartmouth Flood Observatory: An Electronics Research Tool and Archive for Investigations of Extreme Flood Events 31-36 Brakenridge, G. Robert
Karnes, Daniel
Future Publication Plans of the U.S. Geological Survey: Paper Plans, Electronic Dreams 37-44 Smith, James
Written in the Stones: Expanding the Boundaries of Geoscience Literature 45-56 Newman, Linda
Pausch, Lois
Integration of Text and Image in the Digital Book Format 57-62 Klimley, Susan
Fish, Elizabeth
Where in the World? Finding Meteorological and Climatological Data 63-78 Recupero, Lisa
The New USGS Geologic Names Committee: Looking Toward the Future 79-80 Blome, Charles
Wardlaw, Bruce
A 1996 Survey of Geoscience Information Resources in Southern Africa: Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe 81-92 Hanson, Dena
The Impact of the Internet on the Public Sector: Providing Natural Resource Information and Technology to Kansas 93-100 Carr, Timothy
Adkins-Heljeson, Dana
Buchanan, Rex
Metille, Thomas
Thesis and Dissertation Citations as Indicators of Faculty Research Use of University Library Journal Collections 101-102 Zipp, Louise
Developing a Virtual Library for a Geoscience Clientele 103-114 Yocum, Patricia
Geological Heritage Conservation 115-134 Maley, Terry
Geophysical Institute’s Keith B. Mather Library: Design and Planning 135 Triplehorn, Julia
v. 28, 1997 -- The Costs and Values of Geoscience Information
Use of Geoscience Information by the Consulting Geoscientist Community 5-13 Laprade, William T.
Recent Scientific Publishing by the U.S. Geological Survey 15-17 Duff, Beth
The Impact of Electronic Dissemination: The Experience of a State Geological Survey 19-23 Buchanan, Rex
Carr, Timothy
Geologic Report Production in the 1990s: Example from the Washington State Geological Survey 25-28 Walsh, Timothy J.
Reed, Katherine M.
Cost and Added Value of Electronic Publishing 29-34 Hoek, Bas van der

Electronic Society Journals: Time-Honored Values at New Costs 35-40 Holoviak, Judy C.
Access and Cost of Geoscience Information in the Technology Era 41-65 Derksen, Charlotte R. M.
Haner, Barbara E.
The Digital Program of the Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress 67-69 Fitzpatrick, Gary L.
More than Books and Journals: A Plea for Greater Inclusiveness in Defining ‘Geoscience Information’ 71 Browne, Donald G.
Love, J. David
The Role of Geological Surveys in the Information Age 73 Schuenlaub, Hans P.
Toward a National Library of Geosciences 75-84 Holser, William T.
The National Geological Mapping Program of Morocco 85 Bensaid, Mohammed
Framework for a Nationwide Hard Rock Mining Database 87-94 Mastrine, Jason A.
Maest, Ann S.
Lipton, Joshua
Sanders, Brett
Geologic Map Database of the Nevada Test Site Area, Nevada 95-100 Wahl, Ronald R.
Shock, Nancy A.
Addressing Reader Misconceptions when Explaining Geologic Processes to Lay Audiences 101-110 Schmidt, Laurie J.
Virtual Collaboratory™, Franc City™, Facilitates Geoscientific Collaboration and Technology Transfer 111-115 Burns, Sara L.
Laubach, Stephen E.
v. 29, 1998 -- Accreting the Continent’s Collections
Accreting the Continent’s Collections: Introduction 3-6 Derksen, Charlotte R. M.
Information Needs of the Geoscientist 7-12 Lamb, Melissa A.
Policy Issues Affect Access to Scientific Data 13-18 Applegate, David
Copyright for Geoscientists: What You Need to Know 19-22 Wesley, Rebecca
O’Donnell, Jim
Non-North American Geoscience Literature in North American Geoscience Libraries: Have We Said Goodbye to the Yorkshire Geological Society? 23-40 Noga, Michael Mark
Accreting the Continent’s Collections: The Consortia Strategy 41-45 Lerud, Joanne V.
Charnes, Alan N.
Building the National Geologic Map Database: Progress and Challenges 47-55 Soller, David R.
Berg, Thomas M.
The Dissemination of Information at the Kansas Geological Survey 57-60 Sorensen, Janice H.
Building a Geoscience Library for the Next Century 63-66 Newman, Linda
Geoscientists’ Access and Retrieval of Journal Articles in an Electronic World 67-74 Hallmark, Julie
Mine Map Repositories in Pennsylvania and the United States 75-77 Musser, Linda R.
Wishard, Lisa A.
Developments in the Preservation of Geoscience Literature 81-83 Wishard, Lisa A.
Musser, Linda R.
NASA’s Global Change Master Directory (GCMD): A Multidisciplinary Approach to Locating Earth Science Data 85 Northcutt, Robert T.
Byrd, Todd
Capturing Features of Tectonic Significance in the Generalized Geology of the World GIS Framework: A Resource for Future Geological Research 87 Chorlton, Lesley B.
Developing Digital Geologic Map Data From Accreting Out-of-Print Publications; Rescuing Geologic Terrains From the Effects of Cartographic Generalization and Analog Subduction Zones 89 Ross, J. A.
Collins, D. R.
 Geoscience Information Society’s Digital Database Forum Canadian Internet Resources for the Geologist 93-94 Fleming, Adonna
Collection Development Issues Forum 95-99 Noga, Michael Mark
GIS Preservation Forum: GIS Preservation Committee Demonstration Projects 101-105 Musser, Linda R.
Wishard, Lisa A.
Logan Legacy Fund 107-110 Kamel, Pauline
GeoRef Users Group 111-115 Blair, Nancy
My Experiences in North America as the First GIS Fellow 117-124 Marzo, Ma. Arlene A.
Field Trip: Niagara Falls and the Niagara Escarpment 125  
v. 30, 1999 -- Communication Divides: Perspectives on Supporting Information Bridges in the Geosciences</td>
QMAP- The 1:250,000 Geological Map of New Zealand 1 Begg, John G.
Isaac, Mike J.
Turnball, Iam M.
The Artic Bibliography: A Resource Renewed 3-9 Tahirkheli, Sharon
Andrews, Martha
New Guide to Alaska Geologic and Mineral Information 11-12 Triplehorn, Julia H.
The Earth and Space Sciences in the NSES- An Author’s Perspective 13 Snow, John T.
Information Literacy in the Geosciences: Instructional Methods and Basic Competencies 15-22 Yocum, Patricia B.
Almy, Gretchen S.
Talk Isn’t Cheap: The Role of Dialogue in Science Education 23-27 Klein, Kathryn R.
Carlson, Erica S.
The Kansas Geologic Names Database: One Publication’s Escape from the Bindings that Tie 29-36 Collins, David R.
Look, Kurt K.
New Information Bridges for Disaster Information Delivery and Hazard Awareness 37 Padovani, Elaine R.
Devine, James F.
The Relevance of Initial Scientific Research 39-43 Koch, Joshua C.
Under the Overburden: Mining the Geosciences for Artistic Metaphors 45-53 Lynch, Colleen A.
Setting Preservation Priorities: The Geologists’ Perspective 55-64 Zipp, Louise S.
Three Archives of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Western Mineral Resources Team 65-67 Bolm, Karen S.
Frank, David G.
Schneider, Jill L.
How Long is Long? A Statistical Analysis of the Longevity of Geoscience Information 69-122 Manson, Connie J.
The George F. Kunz Collection at the U.S. Geological Survery Library 123-146 Hadden, R. Lee
The Brinkerhoff Earth Resources Information Center: A New Facility for the New Millennium 147-156 Scott, Sally J.
Storing Digital Map Files for Map Production and Archives: Pitfalls and Learning Lessons 157-159 Sorenson, Janice H.
Exploring the Use of FMI logs as Proxies for Slabbed Core Descriptions: Advantages and Disadvantages 161 Burns, Diane M.
Martinsen, Ole J.
The USGS Denver Paleontological Collection: A Growing Resource for Paleontological Research 163 Blome, Charles D.
McKinney, Kevin C.
Brouwers, Elisabeth M.
Taylor, Michael E.
Wardlaw, Bruce R.
Weaving History into the Web: Geologic  Maps, Words, and Images 165 Ross, Jorgina A.
Collins, David R.
Look, Kurt K.
Collection Development Issues 167 Noga, Michael
Digital Data Base Forum 169-172 Fleming, Adonna
Preservation Forum 173 Clement, Elaine
v. 31, 2000 -- Electronic Information Summit: New Developments and Their Impacts
Digital Earth: The State of Geoinformatics, 2000 1-22 Regan, C. Lee
Information Visualization Approaches for the Geosciences 23-27 Badurek, Christopher A.
The Place of Geographic Information System Services in a Geoscience Information Center 29-47 Derksen, Charlotte R.M.
Sweetkind, Juliet K.
Williams, Meredith J.
Creating Resources for GIS Support to Remote Users 49-54 Jensen, Kristi
Where are the Maps? Or, The Changing Ways to Find Maps in the Age of GIS and the Web? 55-59 Bier, Robert A. Jr.
Earth Science World- Building a First Order Outreach Gateway to the Geosciences 61 Keane, Christopher M.
Discovering Geoscience Data Through NASA’s Global Change Master Directory 63-67 Leicester, Stephanie Maehr
Major, Gene R.
The Nature of Copyright Permissions in Geology Journals 69 Johnson, Kay G.
Database Piracy and Access to Geophysical Data; Where is Congress Headed? 71 Folger, Peter F.
Migrating ODP Proceedings From Print to Cross-Media Publication Formats 73-90 Klaus, Ann D.
Building a Community Centered Digital Library for Earth System Education 91-95 DeFelice, Barbara J.
A Teacher’s Guide to the Geology of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: An Example of Research-Based Instructional Material Developed for Diverse Audiences and Presented in Print and Electronic Media 97 Mattox, Stephen R.
Out-of-Print Publications Available Electronically at the Kansas Geological Survey 99-102 Sorenson, Janice H.
Searching the Internet for Geological Information on the Karakoram Highway, Northern Pakistan 103 Cepeda, Joseph C.
GIS Preservation Forum—Digital Publishing: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 105  
Archiving Electronic Information—A State Survey Perspective 107-110 Manson, Connie J.
GIS Collection Development Forum 111-116  
Digital Mapping and Libraries: A Panel Discussion About Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Libraries 117-119 Fleming, Adonna
Professional Issues Forum 121-122  
Some Historical Aspects About Geological Studies and Geological Publications in Albania 123-126 Bioku, Teki
Zoto, Theodhora
Marku, Sokol
Field Trip—Joint Field Trip with the Western Assocation of Map Librarians: The Truckee River Corridor and the Donner Experience 127  
v. 32, 2001 -- Geoscience Information: A Dynamic Odessey
Introduction 3-4 Noga, Michael Mark
Changes in Geoscience Information Provision and the Role of the Academic Library Over a Decade: Denver, Colorado 1990-2000 5-15 Dunn, Lisa G.
“Geodynamics”: The Changing Relationship Between Geoscience Departments and Their Libraries 17-31 McLeod, Clara P.
Dubberke, Molly K.
The Evolution of a State Geological Survey Library: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same 33-38 Manson, Connie J.
Bibliographic Instruction for the Geoscience Undergraduate: A Digital Wonderland or Lost in Space? 39-42 Fleming, Adonna
Scaling the Tower of Babel: Challenges to Library Acquisition of Digital Resources 43-51 Duranceau, Ellen Finnie
Authorship, Authenticity, Integrity, Preservation and Liability Aspects of Digital Geologic Products 53 Duncan, Ian J.
DSpace: Meeting the Challenge of Capturing and Preserving MIT’s Intellectual Output 55 Stuve, David H.
Geographic Information Science and Technologies: Impacts on Information Access and Exchange for the Geosciences 57-67 Badurek, Christopher A.
Analysis of Faculty Citation Behavior in the Electronic Age: A Study of One Institution’s Recent Publications 69-74 O’Donnell, Jim
Data Mining in Geoscience Research 75-80 Fang, Y. C.
Schwartz, F. W.
Parthasarathy, S.
Earthquake Citations, Reporting and Web Sites: An Evaluation of the Scientific and Socioeconomic Written Commentary on Geologic Events 81-106 Haner, Barbara E.
USGS Publications: Current Access Via the Web and Via Catalogs 107-116 Derksen, Charlotte R. M.
The Impact of Online Government Documents on Geoscience Library Collections 117-126 Jensen, Kristi L.
Storms, Mining Reports, and Official Surveys: The U.S. Serial Set as a Source for Historical Geoscience Research 131-136 Kawula, John D.
Digital Indexes to Geologic Map Sets 137-142 Musser, Linda
Jensen, Kristi
The Virtual Antarctic Master Directory (AMD): A Portal to Antarctic Data Sets 143-154 Leicester, Stephanie M.
Major, Gene R.
Olsen, Lola
Belbin, Lee
Using the Internet for the Maintenance and Distribution of Data and Out-of-Print Publications at the Kansas Geological Survey 155-165 Adkins-Heljeson, Dana
Sorensen, Janice
GIS Preservation Forum 169 Clement, Elaine
GIS GeoRef Users Group Meeting 171 Blair, Nancy
GIS Collection Development Forum 173 Derksen, Charlotte
Monograph Use in Selected Science Disciplines at the University of Wyoming 175-188 Scott, Sally J.
GIS Database Forum 189 Fleming, Adonna
Geoscience Information Society 2001 Field Trip: The Boston Shoreline:  Historical Scouring and Accretion 191-200 Noga, Michael Mark
v. 33, 2002 -- New Heights in Geoscience Information: Access and Technology
Introduction 3 Dunn, Lisa G.
What Geoscientists Cite: A Comparative Survey 5 Musser, Linda R.
Geoscience Data and Collections Preservation: What Can the Professional Community Do Now? 11 Maples, Christopher G.
Cutler, Paul
Dickenson, Tamara
Development and Implication of New Technologies for Teaching Field Geology 13 Hutchinson, William E.
Accessing and Preserving Field Maps and Notebooks: The Stanford Geological Survey Map and Field Notebook Access Project 17 Derksen, Charlotte R. M.
Sweetkind-Singer, Julie
The Planning and Creation of Digital Projects: Issues and Examples in the Geosciences 25 Jensen, Kristi
Improving Data Accessibility Using a Relational Database: Implications for the Management of Large Datasets 33 Gilbert, Joseph J.
Packard, Mark E.
Dustman, John E.
Federal Government Information in the 21st Century: Public Access Issues 35 Nickum, Lisa
Geosciences in the Ideal Physical/Digital University of Alaska Science Library – A Vision for the Future 45 Anderson, James H.
Possible Impacts of High-Density Storage on Geoscience Collections at University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign (UIUC) 55 Joseph, Lura E.
Bringing Information & Technological Literacy to Geoscience Students Using the ACRL Standards 63 Sasowsky, Ira D.
Dechambeau, Aimee L.
An Innovative Use of Geoscience in Mass Media: Geologic Television and North Texas 65 Dennie, Devin P.
Digital Libraries as a Visual Tool for Enhancing the Science Education Experiences of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Learners 71 Mangan, Jennifer M.
Developing Information Literacy skills of Undergraduate Geology Majors: complementary Assignments Involving Geoscientist-Librarian Teams 73 Berquist, Karen A.
Hausman, Patricia R.
MacDonald, Heather R.
Owens, Brent E.
Digital Capture and Enhancement of Cambrian and Ordovician Stratigraphic Cross Sections in the Central Appalachia Basin 75 Crangle Jr, Robert D.
Ryder, Robert T.
A Wireless Digital Compass for Field Geology 77 Carr, Christopher
Development of a Wireless Architecture for Digital Field Geology Tools 87 Fuller, Eric
The North America Tapestry of Time and Terrain 89 Barton, Kate E.
Howell, David G.
Vigil, Josť F.
A Geologic Map’s Odyssey 93 O’Meara, Stephanie Annette
Thornberry, Trista L.
Conners, Tim
Gregson, Joe
DeWolfe III, Victor G.
Collection Development Forum 97 Derksen, Charlotte
Professional Issues & Meeting Wrap-up Forum 101 Scott, Sally
GSIS Field Trip: Geology of the Colorado Front Range and Garden of the Gods Park, Colorado Springs 107 Dunn, Lisa G.
v. 34, 2003 -- Geoscience Information Horizons: Challenges, Choices, and Decisions
Preface iii Joseph, Lura
Introduction 3 Joseph, Lura
Saving the Geology Library – a Civics Lesson 5 Manson, Connie
Conference Proceedings in Geoscience Journals: What’s the Use? 19 Noga, Michael Mark
Monographs:  Firm/Approval or Standing Orders?  An Earth Sciences Perspective 41 Derksen, Charlotte
A Guide for Buying Electronic Resources in a Consortial Environment: Using GeoRef as an Example 49 Fleming, Adonna
Book Reviews in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Journal Literature 55 Laffoon, Carolyn J.
Fosmire, Michael
Publishing Patterns in the Earth System Science Department, a non-traditional Geoscience Program at the University of California, Irvine 63 Love, April M.
Information Labs: the Next Best Thing in Information Literacy Instruction? 73 Fosmire, Michael
GeoscienceWorld: A Multi-society Aggregation of Geoscience Electronic Journals 77 Mosher, Sharon
Gries, Robbie R.
Physical Libraries and Virtual Libraries: What’s Important for Geoscientists 81 Hiller, Steve
Linking to Full-text (and Beyond) with SFX 87 Twiss-Brooks, Andrea B.
Implementing the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model: NSIDC, a Case Study 95 Mullins, Teresa
USGS Water Resources Investigation Reports: a Case Study for Improving Access 99 Yocum, Patricia B.
Status of Bibliographic Control of pre-1900 Geoscience Literature 105 Scott, Mary W.
Making the Past Come Alive: Bringing Leverett & Taylor & USGS Monograph 53 to the 21st Century 109 Baclawski, Diane K.
GSA Poster Sessions    
On the Development of a Statewide Landslide Inventory (abstract) 117 Boyd, Tom G.
Vaugeois, Laura M.
Analysis of Hazard, Vulnerability, Population, and Infrastructure (abstract) 119 Yurkovich, Eric S.
Howell, David G.
Geoscience Encyclopedias: a Selected List and Guide for their Further Identification (abstract) 121 Kawula, John D.
A Picture of Spring Protection-Posters in Education and Outreach 123 Bond, Paulette A.

Forum and Committee Reports
GIS 2003 Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, Schedule of Events 131  
GSIS 2003 Awards 133  
GeoRef Advisory Committee 135 Hardy, Shaun J.
GSIS Collection Development Issues Forum 137 Derksen, Charlotte
GeoRef Users’ Group/Digital Database Forum 141 Fleming, Adonna
Blair, Nancy
Preservation Forum 143 Scott, Mary W.
Professional Issues Forum 145 Scott, Sally
2003 GSIS Field Trip Summary: Seismic in Seattle! 149 Manson, Connie
v. 35, 2004 -- Geoinformatics
Preface vi Musser, Linda R.
Accessing Geoscience Information in the Digital Age 1 Zellmer, Linda R.
Searching for Current International Geoscience Literature 9 Scott, Mary W.
A Century of Geology Library Use: Gathering Evidence from the Stacks 13 Fish, Elizabeth A.
Preparing Geology Undergraduates for the Present and the Future: Bibliographic Instruction and Information Literacy as Core Elements in a Technical Writing Class 17 Larsen, Suzanne T.
The Cold Regions Bibliography Project: Geoscience to Tourism and Everything in Between 21 Tahirkheli, Sharon
Eitler, MaryAnn
The Status of Regional Geoscience Literature Published outside North America 27 Noga, Michael Mark
The Alliance for Earth Sciences, Engineering and Development in Africa Library Program 53 Musser, Linda R.
Library and Archives Materials available on the Kansas Geological Survey's Website: Where We are and Where We are Headed 55 Janice H. Sorensen and Dana Adkins-Heljeson
The Wilderness Society, the Sierra Club, and the BLM: Political Advocacy Literature and the National Landscape Conservation System 59 John D. Kawula
Reaching out to Academics and Graduate Student: Cold Calls and Incentives at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography 61 Amy Butros
Modeling Discipline-specific Geological Concepts with the W3C XML Schema 63 Hassan Babaie and Abbed Babaei
The Medicinal Uses of Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils 65 Ulli G. Limpitlaw

Geoinformatics and Geological Sciences:
The Next Step Topical Session 94 (abstracts only)
The Digital Mississippi: 3-D Visualization of Century-scale Channel Evolution and Floor Response Using the GeoWall System 68 Nicholas Pinter, Paul Morin and Reuben Heine
GIS-based Automated Time-series Remote Sensing Data Conversion and Information Retrieval 69 Hongjie Xie, G. Randy Keller and Xiaobing Zhou
Ontology Driven Data Mining for Geosciences 70 Satish Tadepalli, Naren Ramakrishnan and A.K Sinha
Information Technology Developments for Geodynamics Research in the Rocky Mountains 71 Gregory D. Bensen, Anne F. Sheehan and Charles M. Meertens
A Scaled Relational Database Design for Organizing and Analyzing Information: Application to Geology and Ore Deposits of the Great Basin 72 Douglas B. Yager and Albert H. Hofstra
LiDAR Data Distribution, Interpolation and Analysis on the GEON Grid--a Conceptual Framework 73 Christopher J. Crosby and J. Ramon Arrowsmith
The Role of Conceptual Models in Geoinformatics 74 Stephen M. Richard
The Plate Boundary Observatory: Data Management Plans and Status 75 Greg Anderson, Karl Feaux, Mike Jackson and Will Prescott
PBO Facility Construction: Year 1 Accomplishments 76 Karl Feaux
Geological Time and CHRONOS: Databases, Tools, Outreach, Education, and the Geoinformatics Revolution Topical Session 112 (abstracts only) 77  
Geoinformatics -- Community Cyberinfrastructure for the Earth Sciences 78 Walter S. Snyder
CHRONOS - A Time-calibrated Network of Federated Databases and Tools for Sedimentary Geology and Paleontology 79 Cinzia Cervato
The Promise of CHRONOS 80 Margaret Leinen
Paleozoic-Precambrian Time Scale 2004 81 Alan G. Smith and James G. Ogg
Cenozoic-Mesozoic Time Scale 2004 82 James G. Ogg
Applying the CHRONOS Model to Deep-Sea Seismic Reflection Profiles and Drilling 83 William B.F. Ryan, William F. Haxby, Suzanne M. Carbotte, Samuel C. Schon and Brianna M. Mulhlenkamp
Large Data bases in Paleontology 84 Michael J. Benton
Philosophical Basis of Radiometric Dating 85 Kenneth J. Hsu
EARTHTIME: A Community-based Effort Towards High-Precision Calibration of Earth History 86 S.A. Bowring, Doug Erwin and Paul Renne
A Community Approach to Data Integration: Building meaningful Links across Diverse Datasets 87 Eric Christopher Kansa
A Formal Model for the Geological Timescale and GSSP 88 Simon J.D. Cox and Stephen M. Richard
CHRONOS-Geochemical Cycles: Painting Earth System History with Numbers 89 Ethan L. Grossman and John McArthur
SESAR: An Online Solid Earth Sample Registry for Unique Sample Identification 90 Kerstin A. Legbert, Steven L Goldstein, W. Christopher  Lenhardt and Sri  Vinayagamoorthy
Computer-assisted Sequencing of Large Numbers of Events from the Geologic Record -- Escaping the Constraints on Resolving Power Imposed by Traditional Biozones 91 Peter M. Sadler and Jennifer A. Sabado
CHRONOS: A Services Based Framework for Chronostratigraphic Information Retrieval A 92 Doug Fils, Cinzia Cervato, Geoff Bohling, Pat Diver, Doug Greer and Josh A. Reed
An Ontology for Integrating Stratigraphic Databases 93 Chaitan Baru, Douglas S. Greer, Bertram Ludaescher and Douglas Fils
Automating Data Extraction from Text using XML Tagging 94 Gordon B. Curry and Richard Connor
A Web-centric Approach for Sharing Paleontology Collections Data 95 Kenneth G. Johnson, Harry F. Filkorn and Mary Stecheson
The Paleontology Portal 96 Judith G. Scotchmoor and David R. Lindberg
Stratistics: Spatial Data Analysis and Data-Model Comparisons in the Earth Sciences 97 Roy E. Plotnick
Application of the Virtual CHRONOS Network to Mesozoic / Cenozoic Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 98 Benjamin P. Flower
Building Bridges between Geoscience Research, Teaching, and Learning with Thematic Digital Resource Collections: an Example using the Cretaceous Period 99 Jennifer L. Aschoff, David W. Mogk, K.B. Kirk and Cathryn A. Manduca
It's too Big and too Diverse: Current Issues in Geoscience Data Exploration 100 Paul Morin, Emi Ito, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Brian Davis, Frank Rack and Harvey Thorleifson
Emerging Computing Technologies for Data-Intensive Geoscience Research and Education 101 Jason Leigh, Thomas Defanti, Paul Morin, Emi Ito, Brian Davis, Andrew Johnson, Luc Renambot, John Orcutt, Frank Rack and Harvey Thorleifson
CoreWall: a Visualization Environment for the Analysis of Lake and Ocean Cores 102 Arun Rao, Andrew Johnson, Luc Renambot, Bill Kamp, Anders Noren, Doug Schurrenberger, Emi Ito, Paul Morin, Jason Leigh and Frank Rack
G-Grid: Proposed Deployment of Multidimensional Information Infrastructure for Groundwater Mapping the the Upper U.S. Midwest 103 Harvey Thorleifson, Robert G. Tipping, Emi Ito, Paul Morin, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Luc Renambot and Bill Kamp
Source to Sink on One Acre: Using Research Data and Tools to Create an Outdoor Museum Experience 104 Karen Campbell, Jeff  Marr, Vaughan Voller, Patrick Hamilton, Jim Roe, Paul Morin Chris Paola, Gary Parker, Ken Kornack and Efi  Foufoula
Use of Anaglyph Maps to Asses Student Understanding of Earth Science Concepts 105 Tony Murphy, Karen Campbell, Benjamin Friesen, Kent Kirby and Paul Morin
GIS TO GeoWall: Harnessing 3D Visualizations 106 Peter L. Guth, Andrew Johnson, Emmanuel Dal and Thomas Delaleau
Building the CHRONOS System Databases: a Partnership Process 107 Patrick L. Diver, Douglas Fils, Josh Reed, Geoff Bohling and Douglas Greer
Chiron: a Framework for Building Web Interfaces 108 Josh A. Reed, Douglas Fils, Cinzia Cervato and Pat Diver
PaleoStrat -- an "Evolutionary Development Approach" 109 Tyson Taylor
PALEOSTRAT -- a Partner and Database Engine for the CHRONOS System 110 Vladimir I. Davydov, Mark D. Schmitz, Clyde J. Northrup, John Groves Tamra A. Schiappa  and Bruce R. Wardlaw
The Permian-Triassic Time Slice Project of CHRONOS: a Refined Chronostratigraphic Framework to Analyze Extinction and Recovery 111 Bruce R. Wardlaw and Vladimir I. Davydov
PAST (Paleontological Statistics) -- Comprehensive Teaching and Research Package for Paleontological Data Analysis 112 Oyvind Hammer
CHRONOS Age-depth Plot: A Java Application for Stratigraphic Data Analysis 113 Geoffrey C. Bohling
Using the Neptune Database to Explore Mesozoic-Cenozoic Chronostratigraphy and the Deep Sea Microfossil Record 114 R. Mark Leckie, Kendra Clark, Cinzia Cervato, Brian T. Huber, Kris Hooks and Pat Diver
A Dynamic, Internet Based Digital Taxonomic Atlas of Mesozoic Planktonic Foraminifera 115 Brian T. Huber, Cinzia Cervato and Doug Fils
Ensuring the Future of CHRONOS through Development of the next Generation of Micropaleontologists 116 Timothy J. Bralower, John Firth, John Barron, R. Mark Leckie, Annika Sanfilippo and Ellen Thomas
CHRONOS-Climate Cycles: a Thematic Domain of the CHRONOS Integrated Chronostratigraphic  Databases Project for earth System History Research  117 Linda Hinnov, Kelly Reeves  and Dominique Tamburrino
Locating Geoscience Data and Tools through NASA's Global Change Master Directory 118 Heather Weir and Gene Major
CHRONOS as an Educational Tool in Museums and Science Centers 119 Robert M. Ross and Warren D. Allmon
Datasets, Researchers, Museums and Educators:  Using High End Technology to bring Affordable Visualization to the Classroom 120 Benjamin Friesen, Karen Campbell, Jeff Marr, Paul Morin, Kent Kirkby, Nikki Strong, MichalTal, Carrie E.Jennings, Patrick Hamilton, and James Roe
Predicting Plant Presence/Absence across Landscapes: a Morphometrically based Model using Publicly available Data and the GeoWall 121 Miki Hondzo, Peter Guth, Paul Morin and Mary Power
The Spatial-temporal Information Matrix (STIM Cube): an efficient Way to Store Geological Information 122 Christopher R. Scotese and P. McAllister Rees
GIS Database for Testing of the Ideas: (1) that Alkaline Igneous Rocks and Carbonatites (ARCS) Erupt in Rifts; (2) that their Deformation to form DARCS is Concentrated in Suture Zones and (3) that Arcs in Rifts may result from Decompression Melting of DARCS on Sutures in the underlying Mantle Lithosphere 123 Kevin Burke and Shuhab Kha
FIELD TRIP:Geology of Boulder Flatirons 125 Dick Gibson