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Conference Proceedings

Contents of GSIS Proceedings are indexed in GeoRef, the comprehensive geosciences online database. You may also peruse a detailed Subject Index to the 1966-1994 Proceedings.

All 43 volumes of the GSIS Proceedings are now available online in the OAKTrust Digital Repository. To browse the collection in date order, simply click on BROWSE BY issue date on the upper left.

v.44 2013-2016 Four Years of Earth Science Information: Exploring Data, Access, and More - Proceedings of the 48th, 49th, 50th, and 51st Meetings of the Geoscience Information Society
v.43 2012 Geoscience Information: Investing in the Future
v.42 2011 Printed Past, Digital Future: We Hold the Key
v.41 2010 "Peak" Performances
v.40 2009 Navigating the Geoscience Information Landscape: Pathways to Success
v.39 2008 Libraries in Transformation: Exploring Topics of Changing Practices and New Technologies
v.38 2007 Geoscience Information: Making the Earth Sciences Accessible for Everyone.
v.37 2006 Geoscience Information: Keys to Discovery
v.36 2005 Collaboration for the Dissemination of Geologic Information among Colleagues
v.35 2004 Geoinformatics
v.34 2003 Geoscience Information Horizons: Challenges, Choices, and Decisions
v.33 2002 New Heights in Geoscience Information: Access and Technology
v.32 2001 Geoscience Information: a Dynamic Odyssey
v.31 2000 Electronic Information Summit: New Developments and Their Impacts
v.30 1999 Communication Divides: Perspectives on Supporting Information Bridges in the Geosciences
v.29 1998 Accreting the Continent's Collections
v.28 1997 The Costs and Values of Geoscience Information
v.27 1996 Expanding Boundaries: Geoscience Information for Earth System Science
v.26 1995 Crossing the Bridge to the Future: Managing Geoscience Information for the Next Decade
v.25 1994 Changing Gateways: The Impact of Technology on Geoscience Information Exchange
v.24 1993 Finding and Communicating Geoscience Information
v.23 1992 Preserving Geoscience Imagery
v.22 1991 International Initiatives in Geoscience Information: A Global Perspective
v.21 1990 Geological Societies and Information Transfer in the Electronic Age
v.20 1989 Frontiers in Geoscience Information
v.19 1988 Individual Workstations: Information Supermarkets for Geoscientists
v.18 1987 Collections for the Future
v.17 1986 The User and Geoscience Information
v.16 1985 Micros, Minis and Geoscience Information
v.15 1984 Maps in the Geoscience Community
v.14 1983 Roles and Responsibilities in Geoscience Information
v.13 1982 Geologic Hazards Data
v.12 1981 The Future of the Journal
v.11 1980 Keeping Current with Geoscience Information
v.10 1979 Collection Development in Geoscience Libraries
v.9 1978 Geoscience Information: Publication--Processing--Management
v.8 1977 Geoscience Information Retrieval Update
v.7 1976 Geoscience Information
v.6 1975 Retrieval of Geoscience Information
v.5 1974 [untitled]
v.4 1973 Geoscience Information
v.3 1972 [untitled]
v.2 1971 Toward the Development of a Geoscience Information System
v.1 1966-67 Handling Geoscience Data and Information