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Amy Butros Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library  
Dona Dirlam Liddicoat Gemological Library and Information Center
Gemological Institute of America
Janet Dombrowski Brinkerhoff Geology Library
University of Wyoming
Lisa Dunn Arthur Lakes Library
Colorado School of Mines
Jody Foote
Claren Kidd (retired)
Geology & Geophysics
University of Oklahoma Libraries
Shaun Hardy DTM-Geophysical Laboratory Library
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Ann Hubble Science & Engineering Library
UC Santa Cruz
Lisa Johnston Science & Engineering Library
University of Minnesota
Lura Joseph Geology Library
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Miriam Kennard Geological Sciences Library,
University of North Carolina
Carolyn Laffoon Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Library
Purdue University
Carol Larussa UC Davis Physical Sciences & Engineering Library
Geology & Geophysics
Edward Lener Virginia Tech  
Lou Malcomb Geology Library
Indiana University, Bloomington
Linda Musser
Robert Tolliver
Fletcher L. Byrom Earth & Mineral Sciences Library
Pennsylvania State University
Linda Newman
DeLaMare Library
University of Nevada, Reno
Jim O'Donnell Geological & Planetary Sciences Library
California Institute of Technology
Erin Palmer Northwest Territories Geoscience Office  
Cynthia Prosser University of Georgia Science Library  
Mary Scott Orton Memorial Library of Geology
Ohio State University
Shelly Sommer Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research Library  
Janice Sorenson Kansas Geological Survey  
Julie Sweetkind-Singer Branner Earth Sciences Library
Stanford University
Thelma Thompson University of New Hampshire Library--Gov Docs  
Julia Triplehorn Keith B. Mather Library
Geophysical Institute/ International Arctic Research Center
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Dennis Trombatore Walter Geology Library
University of Texas at Austin
Lori Tschirhart
Patricia B. Yocum (retired)
Virtual Geoscience Library
University of Michigan
Lee Walkling Washington Division of Geology & Earth Resources  
Andrea Wirth Oregon State University Libraries  
Linda Zellmer Western Illinois University Libraries  

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