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Open Access Journals in the Geosciences

Title Impact
Factor (2015)
Established Publisher Subjects OA Fee /
ACS Central Science N/A 2015 ACS chemical sciences $0-1000
ACS Omega N/A 2016 ACS chemical sciences $1500-$2000
Advances in Geosciences N/A 2003 Copernicus / EGU Geology; geochemistry; geophysics; biogeosciences; geodesy; hydrology; ocean sciences; atmospheric sciences €31 - €51 / page
AIP Advances 1.444 2011 American Institute of Physics Physical sciences $1350
Algorithms for Molecular Biology 1.439 2006 BioMed Central Molecular Biology; genomics No charge OR Member rate OR $2145
Annales Geophysicae 1.731 1989 Copernicus / EGU Sun-Earth system; science of Space weather; Solar-Terrestrial plasma physics; Earth's atmosphere and oceans €45 - €60 / page
Annals of Geophysics .0679 1978 INGV, Italy earth sciences; seismology; geodesy; volcanology; oceanography; climatology; geomagnetism; paleomagnetism No Charge
Annals of Glaciology 1.589 1980/2016 IGS/Cambridge U. Press ice and snow (special theme issues) €540 - €1200
Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics 5.114 2001 Copernicus / EGU gases; aerosols; clouds and precipitation; isotopes; radiation; dynamics; biosphere interactions; hydrosphere interactions €75 - €120 / page
Biogeosciences 3.700 2004 Copernicus / EGU astrobiology; exobiology; biodiversity and ecosystem function; biogeochemistry; biogeophysics; paleobiogeoscience €75 - €120 / page
Biology Direct 3.016 2006 BioMed Central biology No charge OR Member rate OR $2145
BMC Biochemistry 1.290 2000 BioMed Central biochemistry No charge OR Member rate OR $2145
BMC Biology 6.967 2003 BioMed Central biology; biochemistry; biomedical science; cell biology; chemical biology; ecology; genetics; neurobiology No charge OR Member rate OR $2605
BMC Ecology 2.724 2001 BioMed Central environmental ecology; behavioral ecology; population ecology; plants; animals; microbes No charge OR Member rate OR $2145
BMC Genomics 3.867 2000 BioMed Central genomics; genetics No charge OR Member rate OR $2145
BMC Microbiology 2.581 2001 BioMed Central microbiology No charge OR Member rate OR $2145
Carbon Balance & Management N/A 2006 Springer global carbon cycle; climate; atmospheric carbon dioxide; terrestrial biospheres; oceanic biospheres No charge OR Member rate OR $1230/td>
Carnets de Geologie - Notebooks on Geology 0.436 2002 Carnets de Geologie paleontology, stratigraphy, and sedimentology No charge?
Climate of the Past 3.638 2005 Copernicus / EGU dynamics in ocean; atmosphere; ice; vegetation; carbon cycle; greenhouse gases; climate modelling €75 - €120 / page
Collabra N/A 2015 U. California Press ecology and environmental sciences, life sciences $875
The Cryosphere 4.906 2007 Copernicus / EGU ice sheets and glaciers; planetary ice bodies; permafrost; river, lake and sea ice; seasonal snowcover; remote sensing, numerical modelling, in-situ and laboratory studies of the cryosphere €75 - €120 / page
DNA Research 5.267 1994 Oxford University Press structure and function of genomes; gene analysis; methods and tools for DNA research; bioinformatic analysis of genomic data $750
Earth and Space Science N/A 2014 AGU/Wiley earth, planetary, space, and environmental sciences; geoengineering, space engineering, biogeochemistry $900 - $1800
Earth Perspectives N/A 2013 Springer Earth system science; Earth-human interactions; global change; sustainability No charge OR Member rate OR $1350
Earth Planets and Space 1.871 1998 Springer geomagnetism, weronomy, space science, seismology, volcanology, geodesy, and planetary science €360 - €900
Earth Surface Dynamics 4.589 2013 Copernicus/EGU physical, chemical, and biological processes shaping earth's surface No charge
Earth System Science Data 8.286 2009 Copernicus / EGU Earth system science datasets and commentaries currently waived
Earthquake Science N/A 1979/1988 Wiley tectonics; earthquake engineering $1830
Earth's Future 5.620 2013 AGU / Wiley global change; sustainability; earth-human interactions $1800
Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene N/A 2013 BioOne earth system science; earth-human interactions; sustainability $650 - $1450
eLife 8.303 2012 HHMI/MPG/Wellcome Trust life sciences & biomedicine No charge
Estudios Geologicos 0.325 1945 Spanish National Research Council earth sciences (especially Spain and Latin America) No charge
Frontiers in Earth Science N/A 2013 Frontier Media solid Earth, hydrosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, biosphere $0 - $1900
Genome Biology and Evolution 4.098 2009 Oxford University Press evolutionary biology; genomics; molecular biology $1250 - $1800
Geochemical Perspectives 8.800 2012 EAG geochemistry No charge
Geochemical Perspectives Letters N/A 2015 EAG geochemistry No charge
Geochemical Transactions 1.100 2006 ACS/Chemistry Central geochemistry; marine and aquatic chemistry; chemical oceanography; biogeochemistry; astrobiology $1085
Geodynamics & Tectonophysics N/A 2010 Russian Acad. Sci. geodynamics, paleogeodynamics, tectonics, tectonophysics No charge
Geoenvironmental Disasters N/A 2014 Springer geosciences, atmospheric sciences, civil engineering, disaster management/mitigation $980
Geofisica Internacional 0.344 1961 UNAM/Mexico geophysics No charge?
Geofluids 1.750 2001 Hindawi/Wiley chemical, physical, and biological aspects of subsurface fluids $1500
GeoResJ N/A 2014 Elsevier earth and planetary sciences $1100 - $2200
GeoHealth N/A 2016 AGU/Wiley interface between earth and environmental sciences, ecology, and agricultural and health sciences $1800
Geoscience Letters N/A 2013 Springer earth sciences; environment; planetary and space sciences $980
Geosciences N/A 2011 MDPI earth history, natural hazards, environment, geoethics 300 CHF
Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems 1.071 2012 Copernicus / EGU instrumentation and data systems in earth; ocean; atmospheric; and space sciences No charge
Geoscientific Model Development 3.549 2008 Copernicus / EGU description; development and evaluation of mathematical models of the Earth System and its components €25 - €40 / page
Geothermal Energy N/A 2013 Springer energy exploration, development, and delivery; geology, geophysics, geochemistry No charge
GSA Today N/A 1991 Geological Society of America Earth, planetary, space, and environmental sceinces; geoscience education No charge
History of Geo- and Space Sciences 0.263 2010 Copernicus / EGU history of earth and space sciences No charge
Hydrology & Earth System Sciences 3.99 1997 Copernicus / EGU hillslope, catchment, global, vadose zone, groundwater, urban and engineering hydrology; rivers and lakes; coasts and estuaries; hydrometeorology; ecohydrology; biogeochemical processes and water resources management €25 - €40 / page
International Journal of Coal Science & Technology N/A 2014 Springer coal research, coal mining/processing, health/safety, environmental isues No charge
International Journal of Geo-Engineering N/A 2015 Springer geotechnial engineering, geo-energy No charge
International Journal of Speleology 1.559 1964 Union Internationale de Speleologie karst and caves No charge
IUCrJ 3.105 2014 IUCr crystallography, structural science $1000
Journal of Applied Volcanology N/A 2012 Springer applied volcanology; societal impact and response $1230
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 0.857 1940 National Speleological Society karst and caves No charge?
Journal of Earth System Science 0.858 1978/2005 Indian Academy of Science solid Earth, hydrosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, biosphere, planetary and space sciences No charge?
Journal of Glaciology 3.109 1947/2016 IGS/Cambridge U. Press ice, snow, climate, permafrost, environment €540 - €1200
Journal of Physics: Conference Series N/A 2004 Institute of Physics physics (all areas); publishes conference proceedings only N/A
Journal of Tethys N/A 2013 self-published earth sciences; petroleum geology No charge
mBio 6.975 2010 ASM microbiology $1000 - $3000
Microbiology Open N/A 2012 Wiley microbiology $1879 - $2349
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 2.277 2001 Copernicus / EGU all natural hazards; databases, GIS, remote sensing, early warning systems and monitoring technologies; risk assessment, mitigation and adaptation strategies; socioeconomic and management aspects; dissemination, education, outreach and teaching €25 - €40 / page
Nature Communications 11.329 2010 Nature Publishing Group natural sciences, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics $5200
New Journal of Physics 3.570 1998 Institute of Physics / DPG physics (all areas) $2080
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 1.321 1994 Copernicus / EGU nonlinear processes in all branches of Earth, planetary and solar system sciences €17 - €40 / page
Ocean Science 2.985 2005 Copernicus / EGU ocean physics and chemistry; biological oceanography; air-sea interactions; physical, chemical and biological and biochemical ocean models; coastal processes; paleooceanography €25 - €40 / page
Open Biology 4.822 2011 Royal Society cell biology; developmental biology; molecular biology; biochemistry; immunology; microbiology $2160
Open Geosciences N/A 2009/2015 De Gruyter earth sciences €1000
Palaeontologia Electronica 1.234 1998 Palaeontological Association, Paleontological Society, &amp Society of Vertebrate Paleontology all aspects of paleontology and related disciplines No charge
PeerJ 2.183 2013 PeerJ life sciences and biomedicine $99 - $299
Periodico di Mineralogia 0.600 1930 / 1999 Edizioni Nuova Cultura mineralogy; petrology; volcanology; crystallography; geochemistry No charge
Petroleum Science 0.901 2004 Springer geophysics; chemistry; engineering $1830
Physical Review X 8.701 2011 American Physical Society physics (all areas) $1700 +
PLoS Biology 8.668 2003 Public Library of Science biology; molecular biology; ecology $2900
PLoS Genetics 6.661 2005 Public Library of Science biological sciences; gene discovery; population genetics; genome projects; comparative genomics; functional genomics; ; evolution; gene expression; chromosome biology; epigenetics $2250
PLoS ONE 3.057 2006 Public Library of Science science; medicine $1350
Polar Research 1.728 1982 Norwegian Polar Institute/Taylor & Francis biology, ecology, geology, oceanography, glaciology, and meterology of polar regions No charge OR $180/page
PoS - Proceedings of Science N/A 2005 SISSA astronomy; biophysics; physics; science communication; publishes conference proceedings only No charge
Progress in Earth and Planetary Science N/A 2013 Springer/Japan Geoscience Union solid earth, atmosphere, hydrosphere, space and planetary science, biogeoscience No charge
Research in Geophysics N/A 2011 PAGEPress geophysics, seismology, geodynamics €200
Rivista Italiana di Paleontologica e Stratigrafia 1.130 1895/2016 University of Milan paleontology; stratigraphy No charge
Royal Society Open Science N/A 2014 Royal Society of London science, engineering, mathematics $1600
Science Advances N/A 2015 AAAS science, technology, engineering $2200 - $2700
ScienceOpen Research N/A 2014 ScienceOpen all disciplines of science $800
Scientific Reports 5.228 2011 Nature Publishing Group natural sciences; biology; chemistry; earth sciences; physics $1495
Solid Earth 2.083 2010 Copernicus/EGU geochemistry; geodesy; geodynamics; geomorphology; geophysics; magma and rock physics; magnetism; mineral physics; palaeontology; petrology; planetary science; sedimentology; seismology; soil system science; stratigraphy; structural geology; tectonophysics; volcanology €17 - €40 / page
SpringerPlus 0.982 2012 Springer all disciplines of science $1085
TAO: Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 0.556 1990 Chinese Geoscience Union geology, geophysics, atmospheric sciences, space sciences, ocean sciences, hydrology $15/page

Impact Factors are from 2016 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports. Article processing fees are as of June 2016.

Compiled by Shaun Hardy, DTM/Geophysical Laboratory Librarian, Carnegie Institution for Science
with input from Amanda Bielskas, Geology/Geosciences Librarian, Columbia University
and Linda Zellmer, Science, Government Information & Data Librarian, Western Illinois University. Updated April 2017