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GSIS has eight committees that are largely responsible for the Society's many activities. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact us at Thank you.

Archives Exhibits Ad Hoc - Bylaws
Best Paper Award Guidebooks Ad Hoc - 50th Anniversary Celebration
Best Research Resource Membership
Distinguished Service Award Nominating


Purpose: To collect and preserve the history of the Society.

Anne Huber     2017-2019

Best Paper Award

Purpose: Determine winner of Best Paper Award.

Carl Olson, Chair 2016-2017
Samantha Teplitzky 2016-2018
Bob Tolliver 2015-2017
Monica Pereira 2017-2019
Chris Badurek 2017-2019

Best Research Resource

(Previously the Reference Work Award and the Website Award Committees)

Purpose: Determine winner of the Mary B. Ansari Best Reference Work Award and/or the Best Web Award. Website has been broadened to include Tweets, online community, etc..

Rusty Kimball, Chair     2017-2019
Amanda Bielskas 2017-2019
Mea Warren 2015-2017
Jozef Laincz 2016-2018
Bridget Thrasher 2017-2019
Mary Ellen Vedas 2017-2019

Distinguished Service Award

Purpose: Select the winner of the Mary B. Ansari Distinguished Service Award.

Clara P. McLeod, Chair     2017-2019
Louise F. Deis 2017-2019
Edward Lener 2017-2019


Purpose: Plan, design and arrange for GSIS exhibits and maintain booth materials.

Linda Zellmer, Chair 2014-2017
Lisa Dunn 2015-2017


Purpose: Identify new guidebooks and select winners of the Best Guidebook and Outstanding Geologic Field Trip Guidebook Series awards.

Linda Musser, Co-chair 2015-2017
Monica Pereira, Co-chair 2015-2017
Marie Dvorzak 2015-2017
Dwight Hunter 2016-2018
Cheri Folkner 2016-2018
Thelma Thompson 2015-2017
Lura Joseph 2011-2018
Amanda Bielskas 2015-2017


Purpose: Review/revise brochure; solicit new members;
contact members who have not renewed and welcome back members who renewed late. Also lead initiatives to attract international members.

Cynthia Prosser, Chair 2015-2017
Louise Deis 2015-2017 Dorothy McGarry 2015-2017
Shaun Hardy 2015-2017 Amanda Bielskas 2015-2017
Matt Hudson 2016-2018 Samantha Teplitzky 2017-2019

Nominating (Chair is always the Past President)

Purpose: Nominate candidates for elective offices;
Prepare, mail, and count ballots and report results.

Matt Hudson, Chair 2017