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GSIS has eight committees that are largely responsible for the Society's many activities. An additional two ad hoc committees have been created to help address new situations. If you are interested in joining a committee, please provide your name, e-mail, and the committee you are interested in joining to Matt Hudson at Thank you.

Archives Exhibits Ad Hoc - Bylaws
Best Paper Award Guidebooks Ad Hoc - 50th Anniversary Celebration
Best Research Resource Membership
Distinguished Service Award Nominating


Purpose: To collect and preserve the history of the Society.

Rusty Kimball, Chair 2014-2016
Anne Huber     2014-2016
Lura Joseph     2014-2016

Best Paper Award

Purpose: Determine winner of Best Paper Award.

Michael Noga, Chair 2014-2016
Samantha Teplitzky 2016-2018
Carl Olson 2016-2017
Bob Tolliver 2015-2017

Best Research Resource

(Previously the Reference Work Award and the Website Award Committees)

Purpose: Determine winner of the Mary B. Ansari Best Reference Work Award and/or the Best Web Award. Website has been broadened to include Tweets, online community, etc..

Rusty Kimball, Chair     2014-2016
Amanda Bielskas 2014-2016
Mea Warren 2015-2017
Jozef Laincz 2016-2018

Distinguished Service Award

Purpose: Select the winner of the Mary B. Ansari Distinguished Service Award.

Jody Bales Foote, Chair     2014-2016
Louise F. Deis 2014-2016
Clara P. McLeod 2014-2016
Edward Lener 2017-2019


Purpose: Plan, design and arrange for GSIS exhibits and maintain booth materials.

Linda Zellmer, Chair 2014-2016
Dona Dirlam 2015-2017
Lisa Dunn 2015-2017


Purpose: Identify new guidebooks and select winners of the Best Guidebook and Outstanding Geologic Field Trip Guidebook Series awards.

Linda Musser, Chair 2015-2017   Amanda Bielskas 2015-2017
Marie Dvorzak 2015-2017   Monica Pereira 2015-2017
Dwight Hunter 2016-2018
Cheri Folkner 2016-2018
Thelma Thompson 2015-2017
Lura Joseph 2011-2018  


Purpose: Review/revise brochure; solicit new members;
contact members who have not renewed and welcome back members who renewed late. Also lead initiatives to attract international members.

Cynthia Prosser, Chair 2015-2017
Louise Deis 2015-2017 Dorothy McGarry 2015-2017
Shaun Hardy 2015-2017 Amanda Bielskas 2015-2017

Nominating (Chair is always the Past President)

Purpose: Nominate candidates for elective offices;
Prepare, mail, and count ballots and report results.

Emily Wild, Chair 2016

Ad-Hoc Bylaws

Purpose: Review and update the current GSIS bylaws to reflect changing technology and the shifting needs of the Society. In particular, consider the requirement for having 25 members at a business meeting, the need to mail business meeting and election notices, the need for two candidates in elections. Also, review previous bylaws to determine what is required to change them and add this language back in.

Emily Wild
Michael Noga
Dena Fracolli Hanson
Dorothy McGarry
Matt Hudson

Ad Hoc - 50th Anniversary Celebration

Purpose: Prepare unique events to celebrate GSIS's 50th anniversary at the Denver meeting, including a new exhibit, speeches from former presidents, 50-year ribbons, retrospectives in the newsletter, acknowledgment of originators, reaching out to important historical members, and organizing a possible banquet..

Marie Dvorzak, Chair
Joanne Lerud-Heck
Shaun Hardy
Cynthia Prosser
Clara McLeod
Linda Zellmer
Hannah Winkler Hamalainen
Matt Hudson
Connie Manson