Geoscience Information Society
Best Website Award

Presented to a website which exemplifies outstanding standards of content,
design, organization, and overall site effectiveness.  (More information here.) 
Winning websites are encouraged to display the badge. 

2010 -- The Echinoid Directory, by Dr. Andrew Smith, Natural History Museum of London.
2009 -- Discovering Antarctica (Royal Geographical Society in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey                                                 and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  and -- On the Cutting Edge (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)
2008 -- Encyclopedia of Earth
2007 -- Ocean World

2006 -- The Hero of Vesuvius

2005 -- Paleontology Portal (Academic)
  and -- Volcano World (formerly maintained at the Univ. of North Dakota)
2004 -- American Museum of Natural History Division of Paleontology
2003 -- A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites
2002 -- United States Geological Survey
  and -- Links for Mineralogists

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