Geoscience Information Society
Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award has been presented annually since 1986, given to the best paper published in the field of geoscience information during the previous year.

2010 -- Linda R. Musser.  "Progress in the Citation of Geoscience Data,"  GSIS Proceedings, v. 39, 2010, p. 55-58.

2009 -- Kathryn Lage.  "Zoom!: Remote Sensing Imagery in the Geosciences,"  GSIS Proceedings, v. 38, 2010.

2008 -- Lura Joseph.  "Comparison of Retrieval Performance of Eleven Online Indexes Containing Information Related to Quaternary Research, an Interdisciplinary Science,"  Reference & User Services Quarterly, v. 47, no. 1, p. 56-75, 2007.

2007 -- Lura Joseph.  "Image and figure quality: A study of Elsevier’s Earth and Planetary Sciences electronic journal back file package"  Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services, v. 30, no. 3, 2006, p.162-168.

2006 -- Cathy A. Manduca, Ellen R. Iverson, Sean Fox, and Flora McMartin. "Influencing User Behavior through Digital Library Design: An Example from the Geosciences" D-Lib Magazine, v. 11:5, May 2005.

2005 -- Michael Noga. "Conference Proceedings in Geoscience Journals: What’s the Use?"  GSIS Proceedings, v. 34, 2004, p. 19-39.

2004 -- Linda R. Musser.  "What Geoscientists Cite – A Comparative Survey."  GSIS Proceedings, v. 33, 2003, p. 5-10.

2004 – Lisa Nickum.  "Federal Government Information in the 21st Century – Public Access Issues." GSIS Proceedings, v. 33, 2003, p. 35-44.

2003 -- Charlotte R.M. Derksen.  "USGS Publications: Current Access via the Web and via Catalogs."  GSIS Proceedings, v.32, 2002, p. 107-116.

  2002 -- Kristi L. Jensen.  "Providing Access to Online Government Documents in an Academic Research Library Collection: A Case Study in the Geosciences."  Science and Technology Libraries, v. 20, no. 2/3, 2001, p.15-25.

  2001 -- Patricia B. Yocum and Gretchen S. Almy.  "Information Literacy in the Geosciences:  Report of a Practical Inquiry."  GSIS Proceedings, v.30, 1999, p. 15-22.

2000 -- Lisa A. Wishard and Linda R. Musser.  "Preservation Strategies for Geoscience Literature: New Technologies for an Old Literature." Library Resources & Technical Services, vol. 43, no. 3, 1999, p. 131-139.

1999 -- Barbara P. Buttenfield.  "Looking Forward: Geographic Information Services and Libraries in the Future."  Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, vol. 25, no. 3, 1998, p. 161 - 171.

1998 -- Lisa Wishard. "Where in the World? Finding Meteorological and Climatological Data." GSIS Proceedings, vol. 27, 1996, p. 63-77 (under her former name, Lisa A. Recupero).

1998 -- Melissa Lamont. "Managing Geospatial Data and Services." Journal Of Academic Librarianship, vol. 23, no. 6, 1997, p. 469-473.

1997 -- Linda L. Hill. "Stocking the Digital Library with Georeferenced Data." GSIS Proceedings, v.26, 1995, p. 11-17.

1996 -- Richard D. Walker and Myeonghee Lee Ahn. "The Literature Cited by Water Resources Researchers." GSIS Proceedings, v. 25, 1994, p. 67-77.

1995 -- Susan Klimley. "Limitations of Science Citation Index Data in Evaluating Journals and Scientists in Geology." GSIS Proceedings, v.24, 1993, p.23-31.

1994 -- Connie S. Wick. "Image-Related Aspects of Preserving High-Use Geoscience Literature by Deacidification." GSIS Proceedings, v. 23, 1992, p.5-9.

1993 -- Charlotte R. M. Derksen and Michael Noga. "The World of Geoscience Serials: Comparative Use Patterns." GSIS Proceedings, v.22, 1991, p.15-62.

1992 -- Nancy Butkovich. "Discussion of the Use of Foreign Language Sources in Geological Journals." GSIS Proceedings, v.21, 1990, p.99-107.

1991 -- Barbara Haner. "Guidebook Citation Patterns in the Geologic Journal Literature: a Comparison between 1985 and 1967." GSIS Proceedings, v.20, 1989, p. 159-169.

1990 -- Julie Bichteler and Dederick Ward,  "Information-seeking Behavior of Geoscientists." Special Libraries, v.80, 1989, p.169-178.

1989 -- Rosalind Walcott, "Geoscience Dissertations for the Future: A Case Study from the United States."  GSIS Proceedings, v.18, 1989, p.59-66.

1988 -- Julia Triplehorn. "Geologic Information on  Alaska." GSIS Proceedings, v.17, 1987,  p.96-113

1987 -- Julie Bichteler.  "Expert Systems for Geoscience Information Processing." in Shelley, E.P., editor, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Geoscience Information: Australia Mineral Foundation, 1987,  v.2, p.179-191.

1986 -- Susan Klimley. "Saving Geology Libraries - What's Available?." GSIS Proceedings, v.15, p.51-58

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