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Mary B. Ansari
Best Geoscience Research Resource Work Award

Call for Nominations

The GSIS Best Research Resource Award Committee is seeking your nominations for the annual Mary B. Ansari Best Research Resource Award for the best geosciences research resource publication or website. The award recognizes geoscience research resource works or works focused on information aspects of the geosciences. As of 2016, the Best Website award has been rolled into this award, so if there’s a great website you’re aware of, feel free to nominate it.

Submissions will be evaluated using the following criteria:

The work must have been published or produced within 3 years preceding the GSIS 2018 annual meeting (2016-2018). The title does not have to strictly be “geoscience” but it should have significant value to the geoscience information community. Local or specialized works can be considered if they are particularly high in quality and could serve as a model for other works. Formats other than monograph and websites may be considered, for example tweets, online communities, maps, databases, etc. Any works nominated should be in a generally useable format (DVD, online, etc.), be generally available for purchase by libraries, and, theoretically, have a stable future. Although no work is specifically excluded from consideration, textbooks or monographs in geoscience or library/information science would not normally be considered.

Please send nominations to the chair of the committee by June 15, 2018:


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