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Archives of the Society

The University of Illinois Archives houses material concerning the foundation, organization & history of GSIS.

Correspondence, directories, reports, minutes of meetings, photo albums, copies of the GSIS Newsletter (1966-), and official records relating to the organization's constitution & by-laws, incorporation, awards, official membership records, officers, annual and executive board meetings, history, publications, membership and library directories, research of members, and GSIS' relationship to other professional organizations and to government agencies.

Members are invited to submit library histories, biographies, vitae, photographs from GSIS meetings and field trips, or other manuscripts that document the history of GSIS or its members.

See the finding aid for this collection.

GSIS Members, please mail items for inclusion in the Archives to:

Anne Huber, Illinois State Geological Survey
615 E. Peabody Dr.
469 Natural Resources Building
Champaign, IL 61820

You may also contact Anne by e-mail at