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Annual Meetings

GSIS meets each year in conjunction with the Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting.

A typical program includes presentation of technical papers, poster sessions, a business meeting, a luncheon, workshops, and a field trip. Additional annual meeting activities include an exhibit booth, presentation of awards, and a members' reception.

Our next meeting will be in Indianapolis, Indiana, November 4-7, 2018.

Information on recent meetings:

2017 Seattle; 2016 Denver; 2015 Baltimore; 2014 Vancouver; 2013 Denver; 2012 Charlotte; 2011 Minneapolis; 2010 Denver; 2009 Portland; 2008 Houston; 2007 Denver; 2006.

Geoscience Librarianship 101 Presentations; September 24, 2016:

Emily Wild - Geoscience Overview/Instruction
Lura Joseph - Reference/Research and Publication
Amanda Bielskas - Collection Development
Linda Zellmer - Geospatial Information
Hannah Hamalainen - Geoscience Data Management